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Airport Terminal photo by Daniel Lim

Ventilation for Airport terminals and Travel hubs

Halton’s ventilation offering creates ideal environments for the often architecturally unique airport buildings by creating conditions with tailored products when needed.

Displacement ventilation provides passengers in terminals and travel hubs pleasant environments. The displacement air distribution brings the needed amount of fresh air in a calm way to the spaces in energy efficient manner.

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Airport in China

Typical challenges

Terminal and travel hubs have typically unique architectural and structural solutions with high ceiling heights, glass surfaces, several peak hours and these affect the design of ventilation.

Typical challenges are how to distribute air evenly and efficiently to travelers with architectural design in mind. It is important that you can locate ventilation terminals as part of the construction in a flexible way. In pillars, floors, walls, or under the seating.

Do you have a challenge that requires a solution?

Consult us! Let’s see if we have ready made solutions for you or if we can make one together!

CFD simulation image of seating ventilation

Why choose Halton?

Halton is able to offer full scale mock-ups and/or CFD calculations to verify the ideal end environments with standard or with tailored products. Our terminal units are designed to meet the architecture of the spaces either as highly visible centerpieces or then blending in with the building for a uniform entity.

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