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Halton provides indoor air for Japan’s culinary and confectionery students

Halton shall provide professional kitchen indoor air solutions for 13 teaching kitchens and four restaurants serving paying customers at the new 8,463-square meter building housing the culinary and pastry art schools of Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc. in Kyoto, Japan by the end of October of 2017. The delivery includes Halton’s ventilated ceilings with demand-controlled ventilation that saves up to 50% energy, and as the first Asian delivery, Halton’s Human Centric Lighting solution that can be integrated into a ventilated ceiling, the first in the world developed for professional kitchens. The total value of the delivery is about 2 M€.

The heat radiating from equipment in professional kitchens, high air humidity and the chemical compounds and particulate emissions from cooking are taxing for the health and functionality of those working in kitchen environments. Taiwa believes that the quality of indoor air is particularly important for culinary and pastry art education.

“In our new school building, we wanted to invest in the best technologies to be able to offer our students and staff an environment that is as safe and comfortable as possible. We believe that a good indoor environment will also show in learning results, when people are feeling well and their energy level remains high,” say President Nakata of the Culinary Art College and President Samejima of the Pastry Art College of Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc.

The culinary and pastry art schools have over 20 years of experience with Halton’s ventilated ceilings. A new element, now included in a delivery to Asia for the first time, is Halton SKYLINE, the world’s first Human Centric Lighting solution designed for professional kitchens integrated into a ventilated ceiling, which improves visibility and colour distinction and reduces distracting reflections in a professional kitchen environment with lots of shiny surfaces.

“We have been very happy with the quality and performance of Halton’s solutions. When choosing a solution for the new school building, we again concluded that Halton is the best choice in the market for us. The ventilated ceiling is also excellently suited for teaching kitchens, because it leaves a wide space underneath it and does not block visibility. In addition, Halton’s Human Centric Lighting integrated into the ventilated ceiling makes working easier and safer and helps improve the quality of work,” add President Nakata of the Culinary Art College and President Samejima of the Pastry Art College.

Halton has supplied about 650 customer projects to Japan since 1998.

“Halton’s goal is to produce high-quality, safe indoor air conditioning for demanding operating environments where people’s welfare and work efficiency have top priority. Japan is a great example of a quality-conscious market for which our solutions are ideally suited. Taiwa is a very important customer for us, and we are extremely happy about this deal that allows us to use our solutions to support indoor environmental values that are important for both parties,” says the director Halton’s Foodservice operation Georges Gaspar.

Halton’s delivery for the Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc. culinary and pastry art schools includes

  • Halton KCW Capture Jet Ceilings
  • Halton KCV Ventilated Ceilings for Dishwashing Areas
  • The Halton M.A.R.V.E.L. demand-controlled ventilation system
  • Halton SKYLINE – the first Human Centric Lighting solution designed for professional kitchens (integrated in both afore mentioned ceiling solutions)

Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc., a non-profit private institute, is one of the top professional hospitality and culinary/pastry art schools in Japan, operating several facilities for training future chefs and pastry chefs. It operates four vocational colleges in the Kyoto area and has around 2000 students annually, of which 500 focus on culinary art studies and 500 focus on pastry art studies. For more information, please see

Further information

Georges Gaspar, Director, Halton Foodservice, tel. +33 62 9440 322

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