LVU - Low Velocity Unit

For Makeup Air in the Occupied Zone

Uncontrolled drafts can totally ruin the Capture & Containment capacity of hoods and ventilated ceilings. When carefully designed, Low Velocity Units LVU totally free the kitchen occupied zone from drafts. They provide the highest exhaust airflow rates reduction for Capture Jet™.

The comfort also reaches its maximum level. A makeup air strategy, which is definitively worth the space it occupies on the surface area of any kitchen.

Halton's LVU SUPPLY UNIT Benefits

• The most efficient and comfortable makeup air technology (the units must be installed inside the occupied zone).
• The combination of the Capture Jet™ technology and the LVU Low Velocity Units reduces the supply airflow rates:
- By up to 15% for ventilated ceilings;
- By up to 40% for hoods.
• Heat loads transmitted to the occupied zone reduced by up to 70%.
• Reduction of the temperature by up to 30%(in the occupied zone).
• No drafts in the occupied zone leading to:
- the maximum capture efficiency (thermal plumes);
- the best comfort for the kitchen staff.
• Lower sound pressure levels.
• Cleaning friendly design.