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Introducing the new generation of Halton MobiChef™ mobile recirculating station

The new generation is now officially launched with new features and design. Check it out!

Halton MobiChef is mobile recirculating station designed for electrical cooking appliances.
It allows cooking anything, anytime and anywhere it is of most value, without the need of connection to a ventilation ductwork.

New design & much larger view on cooking operations
Halton MobiChef’s New Design is more compact while providing a larger view
over what your guests are going to savor.

Halton Skyline culinary lighting
Daylight similar LED based Culinary Light.

Halton Connect® IoT and distant monitoring
Cloud-based control platform with distant monitoring capabilities.

Touch screen with a new intuitive interface
Simplified and intuitive LCD user interface.

Airflow on demand as an option
Automatic start-up and fan speed selection.

Foldable sides – Easier to handle
Sides of the unit partly foldable to facilitate its move through doors and corridors.

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