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Aurora Botnia, the world’s most environmentally friendly car and passenger ferry, is equipped with Halton Marine dampers

Aurora Botnia is designed and built for the route between Vaasa and Umeå. The car and passenger ferry features the latest environmental technology and operates primarily with liquefied natural gas (LNG). Aurora Botnia is equipped with Halton Marine’s high-quality dampers, including fire and gas dampers, gas-tight shut-off dampers, and non-return dampers.

Aurora Botnia, the new car and passenger ferry built at Rauma Marine Constructions’ shipyard, was delivered to the shipping company Wasaline in August 2021. The ferry sailed her maiden voyage on Saturday, August 28. Aurora Botnia is operating on the route between the Finnish city of Vaasa and the Swedish city of Umeå. Aurora Botnia has two cargo decks with a total freight capacity of 1,500 lane meters reserved for trucks and cars. The ferry can accommodate about 800 passengers.

The 150-meter-long and 26-meters-width ferry has been described as “the world’s most environmentally friendly car and passenger ferry” because it is equipped with the latest environmental technology. The main engines of Aurora Botnia are primarily using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a source of fuel. LNG has significantly lower emissions of sulphur, nitrogen and carbon dioxide compared to traditional fuel oil engines. The ferry can also utilise biogas as fuel. In addition, the ferry can operate with electrical power as it approaches or departs the harbour.

Aurora Botnia has been awarded at The European Ferry Shipping Summit with The RoPax Ferry of The Year 2021 award. The ferry has also received the Clean Design certification as the world’s first car and passenger ferry.

Aurora Botnia sails with Halton Marine’s high-quality dampers

Aurora Botnia is equipped with Halton FDB2 fire and gas dampers, the most widely sold marine dampers in the world. FDB2 fire and gas dampers are type-approved class A0(A60) dampers designed to prevent possible progression of fire, smoke and gas in ventilation ducts.

Aurora Botnia is also equipped with Halton BLD non-return dampers and Halton UTG gastight shut-off dampers. BLD non-return dampers prevent backflow and protect the fan and other system components against pressure. UTG gastight shut-off dampers are used to balance airflow rates in high-pressure ductworks and shut off the ventilation ducts in possible emergencies.

Halton Marine, one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine HVAC, develops, manufactures and markets reliable, high-quality ventilation solutions specifically designed for different types of ships and ferries, offshore oil and gas, heavy industry, and offshore wind. We offer products and systems for ventilation fire safety, blast protection, room ventilation, galley ventilation, airflow management, laboratory ventilation, air intakes, central vacuum cleaning, and virus mitigation. Our track record includes deliveries to over 150 major cruise ships, 200 oil & gas projects and 100 naval vessels.

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Head of Marketing, Halton Marine

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