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Halton launches new VAV airflow management damper

Halton Max MLC is our newest airflow management damper for flexible VAV applications with zero safety distance required.

Halton Max MLC is perfect for demanding and flexible space requirements. The variable-air-volume operating principle makes it particularly suitable for demand-based office applications. Halton Max MLC operates with air velocities as low as 0,5 m/s.

Zero safety distance
Halton Max MLC can be installed without upstream safety distance in all installation cases. Mounting behind a duct bend, T-branch or sound attenuator does not affect the product performance. The damper can be installed both on supply and exhaust side.

Low air velocity range 0,5 – 6 m/s
Halton Max MLC is designed to operate at very low air velocity and pressure. The calibrated orifice plate enables correct airflow measurement even at very low air speeds. The system meter is dust resistant.

Flexible installation
All products are individually calibrated at the factory to ensure the highest possible reliability and accuracy. Thanks to this, the product is quick to install.

Tightness class

  • Casing tightness: EN 1751 class C
  • Shut-off operation tightness: EN 1751 class 4

Read more about the new product here.

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