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Outdoor air intake grille, Halton USS
Outdoor air intake grille, Halton USS

Halton USS – External louvre

Solid steel louvre which is easy to install. Several material options available; copper, stainless steel etc


  • External louvre for air intake and exhaust to prevent rainwater, snow, leaf and animal ingress
  • Rainwater ingress penetration efficiency of approx. 95%
  • Excellent operation based on special front edge blade profile and side grooves
  • Grille and steel mesh section detachable from outside
  • Polyester-painted galvanised steel as standard finish

Product models and accessories

  • Modular construction available for large sizes
  • Models available made of painted, unfinished or anodised aluminum, stainless steel (AISI 316L) and copper
  • Model with circular duct connection also available (USD)


 W  H
 150, +50, …, 1200  150, +50, …, 1000

At the joint between modules, the dimension is 105 mm.

In addition to standard sizes, other sizes can be specially ordered. The maximum nominal size is 1200×1000 mm.
It is possible to have a continuous grille of modular design when the installation length is greater than 1200 mm. The maximum total length is 20 m.

Halton USD

NS øD W1 W2 H1 H2 Weight (kg)
125 124 273 195 273 195 2,15
160 159 273 195 273 195 2,15
200 199 323 245 323 245 2,80
250 249 373 295 373 295 3,55
315 314 423 345 423 345 4,30
400 399 523 445 523 445 6,70
500 499 623 545 623 545 9,50


 Part Material Finishing Note
 Fixed blades Galvanised
The standard material is
galvanised steel (RAL 7001).
Special colours and
anodising of aluminium
are available on request.
Optionally aluminium,
copper or stainless
steel (AISI 316L)
Frame Galvanised
The standard material is
galvanised steel (RAL 7001).
Special colours and
anodising of aluminium
are available on request.
Optionally aluminium,
copper or stainless
steel (AISI 316L)
(10 x 10 mm)
 Stainless steel (AISI 316L)


Air is supplied or extracted through the horisontal blades. The design of the grille prevents rainwater from reaching the ductwork. The slot between the frame and the top blade is sealed, thus preventing rainwater from entering the ductwork from above. Drops of water are collected in the grooves at the front edge of the blades. Water flows to the side grooves, where it drops down.

Blade construction

Depth of blade 65 mm, distance between blades 50 mm, free area 50%

Water penetration prevention (USS/I)

Water penetration rating per square meter of louvre tested according
standard EN 13030:2001.   Core velocity at free duct area of louvre size.


Code description
1.    Frame
2.    Blades
3.    Steel mesh

The grille is suitable to be screw-fixed into a prepared masonry wall opening.
Drill holes in the flanges of the frame on the site.

The dimensions of the grille are given as the nominal dimensions of the opening.

Installation of modules

Code description
1.    Horisontal support
2.    Vertical support
3.    Steel mesh
4.    Bolt and nut (M8 x 10)

In a modular installation, the frames of adjacent modules are bolted together before installation of the louvre sections.
In large modular installation (heigth > 2000 mm) the louvres shall be installed with a support structure (not included in delivery).


If required, the grille is cleaned with a soft brush.


The outdoor louvre is manufactured from galvanised steel with an painted finish.
The louvre includes mesh fitted behind the grille.
The outdoor louvre is effective in preventing rainwater, snow, leaves, and animals and other objects entering the ductwork.

The louvre has a rainwater prevention capacity of at least 90% (EUROVENT 2/5).
The louvre is suitable for medium and high airflow rates.

Order code


S  = Model
I     Intake

W = Width (mm)
150, +50, .., 12000

H = Height (mm)
150, +50, .., 10000

Arranged with Circular duct connection

Halton USD-S
S         Duct diameter (125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500)

Other options and accessories

MA = Material (only for USS)
CS      Steel
AS      Stainless steel (AISI 316)
AL       Aluminium
CU      Copper

FI   = Finishing (only for USS)
PN       Painted
NA       No finishing
AN       Anodised
AM       Anodised aluminium (spec.color)

CO = Colour
G         Grey (RAL 7001)
X         Special colour (RAL xxxx)
N         No painting

ZT = Tailored product
N         No
Y         Yes (ETO)

Code example

USS/I-150-150, MA=CS, FI=PN, CO=G; ZT=N
USD-200, CO=G, ZT=N


Halton USS – External louvre
Halton USS – Ulkosäleikkö
Halton USS – Grille de prise d’air extérieur
Halton USS – Ytterväggsgaller
USS Steel external louvre for air intake
Halton USS - fr
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