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Two lab personnel working in from of cupboard

Exceptionally safe, efficient environments for laboratory professionals.

Halton Vita Lab Room

Intelligent and efficient management of laboratory pressure and thermal comfort. Link to design guide

Halton Vita Lab Solo

Fast and accurate airflow management for all types of fume hoods. Link to design guide

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Halton Vita laboratory system components

Typical challenges in the laboratory environment.

The challenges most commonly faced in ventilation for laboratory environments involve the safety of the personnel, energy-efficiency, flexibility for changing the design ‘on the fly’, thermal comfort, suitable operation conditions, and reliability of the complete delivery.

Halton’s Vita Lab solutions control the fume cupboards’ and bio-safety cabinets’ airflow in line with demand and manage the supply airflow or pressure control for the laboratory room.

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Laboratory hood ventilation response time
Importance of fast response time The time in which stable control velocity is reached after the hood opening has a significant effect on the exposure •Once the response time exceeds 3 seconds (equals 1s in X-axis) the exposure risk increases significantly •After 5 seconds from the sash movement, the maximum concentrations at the hood opening may reach the exhaust concentration

Why choose Halton?

The Halton Vita Lab solution
The complete delivery provides

  • User safety
  • Reliable, fast, and accurate control functions
    Alarm functions, monitoring, and local supervision
  • Energy-efficient and versatile solutions
    Negative/positive control of the room’s pressure
    Data transfer to a building management system (BMS)
  • Equipment delivery, start-up and commissioning, and life-cycle services

Watch an animation showing how the Halton Vita Lab solution works

Halton Vita Lab Solo is the fastest and most accurate air-flow management system for all types of fume cupboards.

Laboratory design
Laboratory room airflow control with static pressure controller Halton VLZ. The Halton VLZ keeps static pressure in the main duct and it also measure the total exhaust airflow. The room controller Halton VLR communicates with Halton VLZ via RS-485 bus.

Halton Vita Room – Control Functions

Room controller  (VLR_M_RC) receives continuously updated actual total airflow rate of static pressure controller (VLZ)  via RS-485 field bus.

Room controller calculates the supply airflow rate setpoint so that the desired pressurisation or airflow balance is maintained  in the space; either negative, positive or neutral pressure.

Supply airflow rate is maintained at its setpoint by controlling the supply airflow damper (VLR_M_FG) using PID-principle and airflow measurement (VLR_M_FE) as feedback.

Halton Vita Laboratory Solutions brochure cover ENFree download


Laboratory solutions Halton Vita Lab

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Halton Vita Laboratory Solutions brochure cover ENFree download

Design Guide

Halton Vita Lab Room

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Halton Vita Laboratory Solutions brochure cover ENFree download

Design Guide

Halton Vita Lab Solo

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