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Mitigate the risk of virus spread in any office building.

Virus mitigation solutions enabling the health and safety of guests, and employees

Halton brings over 50 years of experience in enabling wellbeing in demanding indoor environments. The level of competence and expertise Halton provides through innovative ventilation solutions that require a high level of air quality and cleanliness. This knowledge and evolving research data provide the springboard for antiviral solutions to mitigate virus transmission. These solutions, along with social distancing, masks, and increased hygiene, reduce the probability of virus spread.

Deeper knowledge

With the introduction of new technologies and best practices, the world of virus mitigation is continuously changing and improving. To help you keep your skills and knowledge up to date, Halton offers a variety of information to help ensure your facility is equipped with good indoor air quality and ventilation to help reduce the risk of infection and virus spread.

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