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HME single duct cabin unit
HME single duct cabin unit

HME – Single duct cabin unit

Halton HME can be used for air distribution and sound attenuation in various applications such as suites and pantries.

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  • Recommended pressure range from 0 Pa to 200 Pa
  • Airflow range 0 m3/h…500 m3/h
  • Excellent choice to be used together with HFR/M
  • Airflow adjustment with control spindle (MSM module)
  • Airflow measurement tubes
  • Can be used also as exhaust plenum with MEM airflow adjustment device
  • MED approved for B-0/B-15 installations

Additional features with reheat models

  • 230 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Triac controlled reheating coil(s), adjustable heating power (PWM) 0…100%
  • Master/slave functionality: several cabin units can be controlled by one control panel
  • Internal fuses included
  • All parameters can be set onsite during commissioning by external device or preset at the factory
  • All cable connections with fast connectors
  • Easily tailored for different types of installations
  • 90°C safety switch with state detection and manual reset
  • HME cabin unit is supplied with control panel and interconnection cable