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Countertop Ventless Hood - Halton KCT
Countertop Ventless Hood - Halton KCT

KCT – Counter top ventless hood (UL)

UL Listed – Halton’s KCT Certified Type-1 countertop ventless hood is approved for a variety of electric appliances. The KCT is designed specifically for use on counter-top spaces.


The KCT type 1 countertop ventless hood is also available as a floor stand mounted hood (Model KCT-F). Ventless technology eliminates the need for venting outside, avoiding costly ductwork and roof or wall penetration, often making these hoods suitable for many non-traditional locations.

  • Constructed of durable stainless steel and featuring proven electrostatic air filtration process that exceeds emission requirements of NFPA-96 and ANSI/UL710B, using the EPA-202 test method.
  • An optional interlocked appliance power receptacle can minimize on-site electrical installation work. KCT-F receptacle can be mounted on either the right or left side.
  • Halton’s KCT comes complete with a Complete Filter Set (Double Baffle, EAC, Charcoal), EAC Soak Tank, and Operations Manual.


KCT – Counter top ventless hood (UL)
Halton KCT Counter Top Ventless Hood SS100
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