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KMC-A – MobiChef mobile cooking station with appliances (ETL)

Rethink where a kitchen can go, think MobiChef!

ETL Listed – The Halton MobiChef is a totally independent mobile cooking station complete with integrated electric appliances. The unit is highly efficient and incorporates Halton’s experience and knowledge in the field of ventilation and emission control for professional kitchens.

Halton KMC MobiChef is fast and easy to set up with plug-and-play functions.

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Facilitates chef’s work while providing a clear view of the cooking operation from the guest’s side.

Halton’s MobiChef has been designed to provide a high ergonomic level for the chef while, at the same time, offering the guests an excellent view of the preparation of the dishes thanks to a full length glass screen on the front and full height glass screens on the sides.

Contrary to fully opened cooking stations, these glass screens act at the same time as sneeze guards and keep the hygiene to its maximum level.

One additional Capture Jet curtain has been integrated on top of the front glass screen. It literally isolates the inner side of the screen from the smoke and pollutants released during cooking.

Halton’s MobiChef offers a clear view of the chef’s work while minimizing the cleaning time of the glass screen. Halton’s MobiChef comes complete with a self-contained Amerex UL300 listed fire suppression system.


•    Stadiums
•    Pool Side
•    Strip Malls
•    Food Trucks
•    Banquet Halls
•    Food Court Kiosk
•    High Rise Roof Top
•    Convention Centers
•    Multi-Purpose Spaces
•    Golf Course 9th Hole
•    Lower Level of High Rise
•    Hotel Restaurant Featured Curb Side Dining

Features and Benefits

  • Standalone and mobile display cooking unit for canteens, restaurants, dining halls and hotels.
  • 39 possible electric cooking appliance combinations.
  • No need for a connection to exhaust ductwork.
  • Full length glass on the front and sides of the unit enable viewing of food preparation while isolating patrons from cooking smoke and effluents.
  • Low height design allows for easy communication between operator and customer.
  • The front and sides Capture Jet™ technology makes it possible for the chef to have a large opening on the cooking surface.
  • Totally plug and play with a user friendly integrated LCD touch screen.
  • The system automatically keeps constant exhaust airflow rates.
  • High-efficiency KSA multi-cyclone filters.
  • 2 Convenience 15 amp outlets on left and right side.
  • Highly efficient filtration process exceeding the demanding UL 710B requirement. Removes smoke and grease during the cooking process while mitigating odors.
  • Additional working surface in quartz and integrated LED spotlights.


  • KMC-A – MobiChef mobile cooking station with appliances (ETL)



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  • KMC-A – MobiChef mobile cooking station with appliances (ETL)



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  • KMC-A – MobiChef mobile cooking station with appliances (ETL)



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  • Halton_MobiChef_Brochure_BR-017.pdf


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  • Halton_MobiChef_With_Appilances_SS142.pdf


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