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CBR – Capture Bar air curtain (CE)

CE Marked (awaiting UKCA) – The Capture Bar technology has been designed to address capture issues in existing open cooking areas. In new installations, it complements Capture Jet hoods in challenging facility configurations.

The Capture Bar system is built on patented Capture Jet technology, integrated into a flat plenum installed in the front and on the sides of cooking stations. It channels and directs convective flows towards the hoods.

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One of the main challenges of front cooking areas is to avoid creating cross draughts that readily disperse the smoke released by the cooking appliances before being captured by the hoods. In some configurations, even with a well designed and well balanced ventilation, it is difficult to totally eliminate croos draughts.

The Capture Bar technology has been designed for these sensitive configurations. It is also used to solve the problem of inefficient smoke capture on existing areas with uncontrolled cross daugts.

The Capture Bar is based on Halton’s patented Capture Jet™ technology which is incorporated in a slim plenum surrounding the front and sides of the cooking appliances. It straightens and aids the convective plume and effluents to rise up without dispering towards the hood.

  • Self contained plenum with built in Capture Jet™ fans draws air from the room.
  • Built to accommodate single island cooking appliances.
  • Minimises the impact of cross draugts.
  • Straightens convective plume and effluent and directs it towards the hood.
  • Runs quietly.
  • Customisation possibilities for easier integration with various items of cooking equipment.

Principle of operation

The Jets created by the side and front Capture Bar modules prevent the croos draugt dispering the smoke until captured by the Capture Jet™ hood or ventilated ceiling installed above the cooking appliances. An overhang between the back of the hood and the back of the cooking equipment is still required.


For front cooking areas, the Capture Bar is not an option, it is an integral part of the final capture efficiency.

For front cooking areas, in most cases, there is no wall or screen to help guide the smoke properly towards the extraction plenums of hoods or filtering ceilings. The smoke is fully exposed to air currents. As demonstrated above and below, the air curtain created by Capture Bar technology directs and pushes the smoke in the right direction, preventing spillage


  • CBR – Capture Bar air curtain (CE)



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  • CBR Keittiölaitteiden ympärille asennettava savunohjain



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  • CBR – Redresseur de flux pour fumées Capture Bar (CE)



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  • CBR Stützstrahltechnik zur Montage unmittelbar vor oder an den Kochgeräten



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  • CBR Rökriktare som monteras runt kokkärlen



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  • CBR 安装在烹饪器具周围的烟气导流装置



    Shape 2
  • Halton FS EAC Certificate 01


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