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Halton Kiosk Ventilation System
Halton Kiosk Ventilation System

KVS – Kiosk ventilation system (UL)

UL/ULC Listed – The KVS is developed for kiosk-type food court operations and nontraditional sites. The KVS can serve various combinations of commercial type electric cooking appliances. The KVS can be used where NFPA96 ductwork cannot be installed. Tested and listed in accordance with UL710B. For use with electrical equipment only.

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  • Filtered clean air can be 100% re-circulated or exhausted outdoors as clean exhaust air.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Easy to install and clean.
  • The stainless steel air wall provides up to 50% of re-circulated air under the cooking equipment.
  • The air wall provides a 3” (76mm) air space allowing zero clearance to combustible construction.
  • An additional protected splash zone behind the equipment is not required.
  • The KVS unit provides all the power and fuses with the controls and circuit protection for the cooking equipment.
  • KVS is approved to operate with extended combinations of electric commercial cooking appliances, including broilers.
  • A unique fire protection design provides total coverage allowing equipment movement and changes to take place without ever changing you fire protection nozzles
  • The filtration tower can mount up to 30’ (9.2m) away from the exhaust hood.
  • KVS utilizes a box style UL/ULC listed hood mounted 6’-2” (1880mm) above finished floor.
  • The hood filters are Halton GFIII UL/ULC listed, stainless steel 12” x 16” (305mm x 406mm) to facilitate easy cleaning.
  • A heavy duty, belt driven BI fan, comes with adjustable pitch sheaves.