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RAH recirculating unit for ductless kitchen hoods
RAH recirculating unit for ductless kitchen hoods
RAH recirculating unit for ductless kitchen hoods

RAH – Recirculating unit for kitchens (CE)

No requirement for route to atmosphere for all electric catering equipment

RAH units work at the heart of a kitchen ventilation system serving all electric catering equipment and achieving complete recirculation of exhaust air with no requirement for route to atmosphere.

Highly efficient filter technology removes particulates and odours and provides exhaust air independently certified as clean to re-introduce as supply air. Significantly reducing fire risk by eliminating long duct runs to atmosphere, simplifying planning procedures and providing opportunities to install kitchen operations in previously unfeasible locations

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Globally cost effective

  • RAH unit reduce CAPEX investment. They eliminate the costly fire-rated duct work to atmosphere thus reducing the construction costs. They also reduce installation costs as well as utility usage and plant requirement with a compact design, an ease of assembly and flat pack options.
  • Traditional extract duct work requires regular specialist cleaning and accessing duct systems is often difficult and costly.
  • When combined with Halton’s Capture Jet™ hoods or ventilated ceiling, the installation and operating costs are even more reduced. The operating costs reach the lowest possible level when M.A.R.V.E.L. optimisation airflow technology is also used.
  • RAH units are a cost efficient alternative to traditional extract when there’s no easy route to atmosphere.

Reduced fire risk and emissions control

  • RAH significantly reduces fire risk by eliminating duct work to atmosphere and suppressing grease deposits after the unit.
  •  The contaminants produced by catering kitchens and food preparation facilities are not any longer expelled to atmosphere contrary to traditional extract.

Flexible locations

  • RAH units can be located internally or externally, adjacent to or remote from the point of hood extraction. The unit can be hung within ceiling voids giving flexibility to equipment layout and also eliminating the requirement for certain planning processes.
  • RAH units are easily retro-fited or relocated