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Le Pavillon by Daniel Boulud

Le Pavillon by Daniel Boulud
One Vanderbilt, New York, NY, USA

Le Pavillon by Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Boulud is an 11,000-square-foot fine dining oasis that features a winding garden path, seamlessly blending nature and architecture in the heart of Midtown on the second floor of skyscraper One Vanderbilt.

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Surrounded by nature, Chef Daniel Boulud has created a culinary retreat for New Yorkers and visitors to be reenergized with fresh, healthy, and locally-sourced ingredients. Chef Daniel’s celebrated French cuisine, rooted in tradition with a contemporary New York-spirit, is at the forefront of the seafood and vegetable-focused menu at Le Pavillon.

Le Pavillon was inspired by the traditional pavilions found throughout France which are places for celebrations and gathering and have striking similarities to the newly created One Vanderbilt pedestrian plaza. In addition, Chef Boulud was inspired by restaurant Le Pavillon which opened in 1941 by Henri Soulé and was considered a New York institution. Chef Boulud’s intention is not to replicate the former Le Pavillon but rather celebrate its name by referencing a bygone era of French classic restaurants into the new millennium.

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In addition to the main dining room, the restaurant includes a dramatic bar area overlooking the new Vanderbilt Plaza with views of the Grand Central Terminal and the Chrysler Building. Surrounded by olive trees, the semi-private Garden Table will feature unique food and wine experiences, including guest chefs, winemakers and tasting menus.

With interior design led by Isay Weinfeld alongside architecture firm KPF, Le Pavillon captures the spirit of a New York skyscraper living in harmony with nature. The interiors feature lush greenery, live trees and foliage woven throughout the dining room. The spacious dining room can accommodate up to 120 seated guests while the bar & lounge, with breathtaking views of Grand Central Terminal and the Chrysler building, can accommodate 46 guests.

Diners have magnificent views of Vanderbilt Plaza and Grand Central Terminal. Collaborating with Food Service designer, Next Step Design, and Mechanical Engineering firm, JB&B, the priorities were determined. It was critical not to interfere with the views or discharge kitchen exhaust in the vicinity of diners.

A combination of unusually high ceilings and low ceilings limited the availability of space to run the kitchen exhaust ductwork. The first decision was to design around the Halton Capture Jet hoods, thereby reducing the required exhaust compared to conventional hoods. This decision allowed for the full line of Capture Jet hoods to be installed to meet the exhaust demand of the cooking appliances.

Secondly, with limited duct routing options, it was decided to combine all the hoods in a manifold arrangement. The hoods need to operate independently to provide the operator the greatest energy savings and flexibility. The M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Control system with Automated Balancing Dampers were designed. The system allows for independent operation of each hood while maintaining space balance and regulating supply air to match.

The last consideration, but equally important, was the selection of the Pollution Control Unit. The unit selected is the modular Halton Pollustop. The Pollustop is a state-of-the-art device that uses double pass electrostatic precipitation in conjunction with an Extended Life Filter (ELF) and carbon for odor mitigation.  Due to the tight mechanical space, the unit electrical boxes were relocated and a “knockdown” fan option was used. This option allows for the cabinet to assembled onsite.

The inclusion of Halton’s remote monitoring allowed for continuous optimization of the system, manage maintenance, and ensure all critical systems are functioning to factory specification.

Project Team

Foodservice Consultant
Next Step Design

Mechanical Engineer
JB&B – Jaros, Baum & Bolles Consulting Engineers, LLP

Mechanical Representatives:
Technical Air Systems, Inc.

Kitchen Equipment Contractor
Singer Equipment Co.

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