Absenden: 27/01/2015

Halton Group sells Halton Clean Air Oy to the Swedish Dinair Group.

Dinair was founded in 1989 and is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality filters...
Absenden: 14/12/2014

Halton/Reco-Air Exclusive Agreement

Halton signs global equipment deal with UK firm...
Absenden: 02/12/2014

Looking forward to year 2015

Another year is nearing an end and a new year is approaching. Mr Tommi Rantanen, Managing Director of Halton Marine, shared his thoughts.


Absenden: 23/01/2015

EXHIBITION Halton is participating in ISH 2015!

Visit us at ISH Exhibition (10-14 March 2015) and discover our latest innovations...
Absenden: 05/01/2015

MEET Halton Marine at OMC 2015

Offshore Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition, 25 - 27 March, Ravenna, Italy
Absenden: 28/11/2014

Halton opens Showroom and Laboratory in Shanghai

Halton has opened an 88m2 showroom and 65m2 laboratory ...


Absenden: 09/12/2014


Halton Marine is now searching for an engineer
Absenden: 20/08/2014

Sales Manager, Middle-East

We are looking for a person to develop SBA Halton Middle-East sales and sales team.
Absenden: 05/02/2014

Automaatiojärjestelmäasiantuntija, SBA Halton

SBA Halton hakee Kausalaan tuotesuunnittelutiimiin Automaatiojärjestelmäasiantuntijaa