Posted: 12/11/2014

Halton Marine brings to the market a new circular fire damper

Lighter, tighter and with more flexibility in dimensions - that is the new Halton Marine circular fire damper FDO.
Posted: 03/11/2014

Read the latest issue of Marine Catering International

Marine Catering International is the publication solely dedicated to marine galley equipment, services, food and drink provisions, and waste-food management.


Posted: 20/08/2014

Sales Manager, Middle-East

We are looking for a person to develop SBA Halton Middle-East sales and sales team.
Posted: 05/02/2014

Automaatiojärjestelmäasiantuntija, SBA Halton

SBA Halton hakee Kausalaan tuotesuunnittelutiimiin Automaatiojärjestelmäasiantuntijaa
Posted: 05/02/2014

Tuotesuunnittelija SBA Halton Kausala

Tuotesuunnittelija, SBA Halton, Kausala 05/02/2014 ...