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Halton involved in the world’s first certified Passive House project to include a professional kitchen

June 26, 2024

Solving the heat and odour problems of a medium-sized commercial kitchen in a passive house represented one of the most challenging issues.

This Passive House is a building where there are Block A and Block B, constructed on the same foundation without dilatation. It has a dual function as both a residence, and a restaurant. The air conditioning and ventilation of the two blocks of the House had to be calculated together, but in different ways.

The criteria for this Passive House was to reduce the energy consumption of the building to less than 15 kWh/m².

The M.A.R.V.E.L. (Demand Controlled Ventilation System offering unmatched savings while improving staff working conditions) and Capture Jet™ (substantial energy savings with as much as a 50% reduction in exhaust airflow rates) technologies were required to comply with the regulatory requirements. In addition, XEU Extenso exhaust and supply Air Handling Units including Heat Recovery were installed. And to ensure the success of the project, these Extenso units were fitted with Halton shut-off dampers to prevent air leakage.

More on:
M.A.R.V.E.L. Technology
Capture Jet™ Technology
XEU Extenso Unit

About this Passive House (see article in Yeraba Job in Turkish language)

A very special and extremely elaborate Passive House is being built in Ovacik Village of Sile. This Passive House, which is self-sufficient, generates its own energy and uses it in a smart way, and harvests the water it needs, will function both as a residence and a restaurant. Located on 7 acres of land, the project is actually not just a passive house, because it is not limited to “house”, but every square meter of the land is utilized with ecological approaches and solutions.

There is a building called A and B blocks, but it is constructed on the same foundation without dilatation. The building will have a dual function as both a residence, which “can also be a gathering place” in case of extraordinary situations such as earthquakes or pandemics, and a place where it will serve as a restaurant and a place where guests will be entertained.

The project started in October 2022 and one of the elements that makes the project special is that “the project will never end”. Because beyond the construction of a building on the land and landscaping, a self-sufficient, self-sufficient, constantly renewing ecosystem is created.