ZRW - Halton Zen Rectagular in Wall


Indistinguishable installation by integration into wall structure.

  • Capaciteit voor diverse toevoerluchtdebieten.
  • Door de kleine perforaties wordt de toegevoerde lucht gelijkmatig verspreid, wat voor optimale voorwaarden vlakbij het rooster zorgt.
  • De lucht wordt ter hoogte van de vloer met lage snelheid horizontaal de ruimte ingeblazen.
  • Geschikt voor integratie in de wandstructuur.
  • Door het afneembare frontpaneel en het metalen binnenwerk kunnen het rooster en het kanaal goed worden gereinigd.
  • Rechthoekige kanaalaansluiting boven-/onderaan.

Het rechthoekige Halton Zen-verdringingsrooster voor wandmontage is vervaardigd uit gegalvaniseerd staal, voorzien van een witte polyesterepoxy-coating (RAL 9010).

Het stevige verdringingsrooster is onderhoudsvrij en raakt niet verstopt.

Het rooster bestaat uit een afneembaar geperforeerd frontpaneel, een interne plaat voor de luchtstroomregeling, en een behuizing.

Het rooster heeft een rechthoekige kanaalaansluiting boven- of onderaan, afhankelijk van de installatieplaats van het rooster.

Halton Zen Rectangular in Wall

ZRW - displacement ventilation unit 

  • Capacity for wide supply airflow range.
  • Uniform supply air distribution is achieved through small perforations, providing optimal conditions in the immediate proximity of the diffuser.
  • Low velocity air is supplied horizontally at the floor level.
  • Suitable for integrated installation into a wall structure
  • If ceiling installation (not recommended) is required, please contact sales.
  • The detachable front plate and metallic internal structure enable cleaning of the unit and ductwork.
  • Rectangular duct connection at top/bottom of the unit.

Dimension and weight


NS H H1 K K1
400x40 800 740 75 38
400x60 1000 940 92 58
400x80 1200 1140 105 78



NS kg
400x40 11.11
400x60 13.87
400x80 16.63


 Part  Material  Note
 Front panel  Perforated galvanised steel  
 Casing  Galvanised steel  
 Finishing  Polyester-epoxy-painted
 White (RAL 9010 / 30% gloss)
 Special colours available


Air is supplied into the space through the front panel of Halton Zen Rectangular in Wall, generally at a slightly lower temperature than the room air. The supply airflows down to the floor level, before gradually pervading the occupied zone  at a low velocity. Finally the convection of warm surfaces causes the air to rise out of the occupied zone. The low velocity flow pattern is directed forwards.

The non-clogging unit can be easily opened and cleaned.

Halton PRA or Halton PTS/C can be used as an airflow adjustment damper in round duct sections. The safety distance for reliable airflow measurement from the displacement unit is 5 duct dimensions between displacement unit and airflow adjustment damper.
If airflow adjustment damper is installed closer to the displacement unit (minimum distance about 3 duct dimensions), supply air throw pattern is correct, but airflow measurement result will not be accurate. When installing airflow adjustment damper close to the displacement unit (minimum 3xD), attenuator could be needed between the damper and the displacement unit. 

Note: The flow pattern data is for a unit installed flush with a wall at floor level.  


Perform the installation in the following order:

A)    Position the diffuser (2) within the wall space and connect the ductwork. 

B)   Fix the diffuser to the wall with screws from inside the casing.  

C)   Install front plate (1) of the diffuser.  

If ceiling installation (not recommended) is required, please contact sales.


The supply flow rate for the displacement unit is determined by measuring the differential pressure from the measurement nipple with a manometer.Use a measurement probe thin enough fit into the nipple. Then use tape or another gasket to create a seal in the nipple in order to get an accurate reading.

The flow rate is calculated by using the formula below:


Values of k factor for formula

NS k
400x40 15.2
400x60 21.4
400x80 27.6 


Code description
1.   Front panel
2.   Casing

Open the front panel (1) by  carefully pulling the spring connections out.

Clean the parts using a brush or damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

Reassemble in reverse order.


The displacement ventilation supply unit is made of galvanised steel, polyester-epoxy-painted with a standard white (RAL 9010 / 30%) colour.

The unit has a robust, maintenance free, non-clogging design.

The unit  is comprised of  a detachable perforated front panel, a flow equalization plate, and casing.

The unit  has a rectangular duct connection at the top or bottom depending on where the unit is located.

Order Code


D = Size of duct connection
       400 x 40 
       400 x 60 
       400 x 80 

Other options and accessories  

CO = Colour
          W     White (RAL 9010)
           X     Special colour

ZT  = Tailored product
          N      No
          Y      Yes

Code example

           ZRW-400x40, CO=W, ZT=N 

Downloads & Media

Halton ZRW - nl
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Halton ZRW - fr
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Halton ZRW - GB
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