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FD-CON-A – Fire damper control unit

The FD-CON-A fire damper switch is a control unit for Halton Marine fire dampers.

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  • Single or multiple controllers per damper with easy jumper based master/slave configuration
  • Protection marking IP67
  • Polycarbonate box with M20 cable glands (M25 on request)
    • M20 Cable gland, cable diameter Ø7-13mm
    • M25 Cable gland, cable diameter Ø10-17mm
  • CE certified product
  • Operating range: 24-230 V UC, +/-10%, 16A

Additional features compared to FD-CON-2 model

  • Remotely and locally operated
  • LED lights indicate the damper open, middle and closed positions
  • Open and close indication LED lights interchangeable between green and red with a jumper
  • Test switch and remote command for indication LED lights
  • More spacious box for cable installation 270 x 160 x 145 mm (L x W x H)
  • Spring terminal block connections
  • Suitable for modular dampers
  • Outputs for power supply on, damper closed and damper opened

FD-CON-A, General Drawings

Controller setup, electrical dampers


The FD-CON-A fire damper switch is a control unit for Halton fire dampers. The control unit is installed near the damper in a place where personnel has easy and logical access to it. Two or more FD-CON-A units can be connected in series. This allows the damper to be locally controlled from both sides of the bulkhead or deck as per SOLAS regulation.
The FD-CON-A is mainly intended for electrically operated dampers, but it can also be used for pneumatic dampers. In this case the FD-CON-A unit controls the solenoid valve that controls the supply air to the damper actuator.


  • FD-CON-A – Fire damper control unit



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  • Halton FD-CON-A datasheet 2022


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