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KVH – Freestanding kiosk ventilation system (UL)

UL Listed – The KVH model is a freestanding self-contained system, providing additional fryer capacity within limited kitchen space. The KVH requires no additional ducting. It is a stand-alone unit that gives the flexibility of location and ease of installation. For use with electrical fryers only.

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  • Halton’s Capture Jet™ technology, allows effective capture and containment of grease and other effluents.
  • Standard delivery includes High efficiency grease filtration using Halton’s KSA multi-cyclone filters – up to 95% removal of particles at a size of 8 microns or above – *UL and **NSF classified.
  • Modular construction simplifies design and installation.
  • Manufactured from polished stainless steel, welded liquid tight design.
  • Carbon filter to minimize odor.
  • No ESP (Electrostatic precipitator) required.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Listed to UL710B standard.
  • Surpasses stringent EPA 202 requirements for grease removal in ductless systems.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Self-contained fire protection system provides total coverage and allows equipment changes without a change to the fire protection nozzle location.
  • The unit construction allows a 0” clearance to combustibles on the back and left side, and a 3” clearance on the right side.
  • Allows 100% recirculation of exhaust air to the space.


The KVH hood has been specially developed to clean the effluent emmitted by the cooking process. The grease extraction system consists of a KSA grease extraction filter and carbon filter. The air is then exhausted by into the kitchen space.


  • KVH – Freestanding kiosk ventilation system (UL)



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