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Chef’s Table at Lebua State Tower

Bangkok, Thailand (2019)

Chef’s Table restaurant operates in Lebua Tower’s 61st floor in Bangkok, and has already grabbed attention worldwide with its unique ‘vertical dining concept’.

Chef Vincent Thierry and his Team are surrounded on 360-degrees by guests…

Lebua at State Tower has chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchens.

Chef's Table at Lebua Hotel Bangkok

When Culinary masterpiece meets architectural centrepiece…

Lebua at State Tower

Lebua at State Tower is Bangkok’s iconic five-star all-suite luxury hotel, also known as it hosted the Hangover II boys during filming in Bangkok.

It offers spectacular city and river views from balconies high above Bangkok’s vibrant sightseeing, and houses fine dining restaurants.

Chef’s Table at Lebua State Tower, opened in March 2019, is operated by the Three Michelin Stars rewarded Chef Vincent Thierry.
The restaurant celebrates the creativity and art of cooking by placing Bangkok’s first 3-star Michelin Chef right at the heart of the dining experience.

Chef Vincent Thierry and his Team are surrounded on 360-degrees by guests, as this interactive concept is featured by an open kitchen placed in the very middle of the restaurant.

Chef's Table at Lebua Hotel Bangkok

Chef's Table at Lebua Hotel Bangkok - Chef Vincent Thierry

Chef Vincent Thierry grew up in a small town in the Loire Valley, France. His interest in good food and cooking began while enjoying delicious dishes served at his family dinner table. He believes that passion for the culture of cuisine starts when you are very young.

Having studied his craft at Michelin-starred restaurants across the country and with a short stint in the US, Chef Vincent Thierry was picked from Hotel George V in Paris, to move to Hong Kong and open Caprice where he was awarded 3 Michelin Stars.

Chef Vincent Thierry is now operating at Chef’s Table, located on the 61st floor of Lebua Hotel, Bangkok. And since the opening in March 2019, the restaurant has attracted attention in the culinary world, receiving high praise for its innovative yet classic cuisine that pays homage to the rich history of traditional French cuisine.

With the popularity of the open kitchen concept increasing, the importance of excellent indoor air quality and comfort cannot be understated.
Having the ability to provide energy efficient systems that provide a positive environment is achievable with Halton solutions, and that’s what we did as part of Chef’s Table project.

Halton has been involved in this prestigious project to develop realistic and highly efficient kitchen ventilation, combining a perfect balance between contemporary design and luxury dining experience.

Mr Deepak Ohri (CEO Lebua Hotel & Resort)

Our idea was great: being the first in the world moving a “central-type kitchen” right in the middle of the restaurant, and we could not have done that without Halton. […] I’m actually very proud and happy that we are the first in the world for such a creative ventilated ceiling with UV filtration. So, there is something we were able to achieve, and nobody can smell anything.

- says Mr Deepak Ohri (CEO Lebua Hotel & Resort).

Challenges & Environment-friendly and energy saving solutions

The site itself brought various challenges as this was an existing building with limitation access of the main entrance and cargo lift.
So, most of the parts and structure had to be assembled at site piece by piece. Thus, there were numerous welding, cutting and unforeseen situation during the installation. After some detail meetings with the team, Halton finally came up with a special method agreed by the client, the architect and M&E consultants.

The site brought also many other challenges, from aesthetics ones to safety concerns.

Halton works with you are your team for the best possible kitchen ventilation solutions
From early stage, Halton is prepared to meet you to review the solutions, their design requirements and their capabilities.

The Place
Chef’s Table @ Lebua at State Tower

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