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Droplet separators for offshore ventilation
Droplet separators protect air intake systems from salty spray and rainwater. Halton has multiple solutions for demanding conditions.

The supplier of Air Intake products and solutions for Offshore Oil and Gas applications

Are you looking to protect your ventilation systems, air handling units, generators and engines of moisture, salt spray and rainwater that might damage expensive equipment?

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Halton air intake products protect from salt spray

Typical challenges in air intakes

Even the calmest weather conditions contain salty spray particles that must be removed to protect ventilation systems, air handling units, generators, and engines. Freezing fog might be an issue in cold conditions. Halton intake systems help protect capital equipment from the damage caused by the above ambient conditions, allowing for less maintenance/downtime higher equipment efficiency, increased equipment lifespan and ultimately lower operating costs.

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Halton air intake products for demanding conditions - testing
Halton tests its solutions both at the independent laboratories and at its own Innovations Hubs around the world

Why choose Halton

Halton offers a wide range of products and systems to protect air intake systems in different types of environments. The company has delivered air intake products to different types of ships, naval vessels, oil rigs and arctic conditions.

• Protect air intakes against sea spray, rain, snow, dry salt, deliquescent, offshore dust storms, process emissions (diesel particulate) freezing fog

• The high-efficiency droplet separators result in maintenance, repair and replacement cost savings

• Robust products and tailor made solutions to match the operation environments

• A solution for continuous operation during extreme conditions such as real arctic fog is also available

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