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The world leader in Galley Ventilation

A project that you need galley ventilation equipment that is efficient, robust with proven construction, improve safety and contribute to hygienic conditions?

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Typical challenges in Galley Ventilation

Typical challenges in galley ventilation design relate to optimizing the efficiency of the hoods and air volumes for creating comfortable working conditions and doing this in an energy efficient way. With Halton Capture Jet3 technology needed air volume is up to 50 % lower than in traditional hoods. By using automatic washing and UV-filtration can be minimized the maintenance work, grease accumulation inside the hoods and ductwork and improve fire safety and hygienic conditions.

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Why choose Halton

Halton has manufactured hoods over 30 years for buildings, ships and offshore projects. During the years we have put a lot of effort in efficiency and reliability of the hoods. We have brought to the market many new solutions like Capture jet technology, UV-light technology, M.A.R.V.E.L. demand based ventilation.

• 25+ years of experience in the marine/offshore industry

• 15.000+ marine-type hood modules delivered to customers

• 100+ offshore projects

• Improved hygienic conditions, fire safety, energy efficiency and comfort

• Reliable and proven state-of-the-art innovations improving safety, energy efficiency and comfort

• Low maintenance needs – can be connected to IoT network to enable monitoring and adjustment onshore

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Halton’s Galley Ventilation Products and Solutions

Download our paper of most asked question regarding our galley ventilation products and solutions.

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