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Luca Restaurant, Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Calgary, Canada (2022)

Luca Restaurant is located in the Oliver in Downtown Calgary Alberta. The amenity rich rental property of 1 and 2 bedroom furnished apartments had some unique challenges when addressing a high end restaurant as a tenant. The developers wanted a food service operation as one of the amenities, but not the effluent or odor discharge associated with cooking.

Located in Alberta Canada Luca Restaurant has chosen Halton for their commercial kitchen ventilation.

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Halton worked with the designer to provide a system that would optimize energy efficiency, using Capture Jet hoods and M.A.R.V.E.L. demand ventilation controls. Part of Oliver’s appeal is its commitment to green building principals. Incorporating a state of the art system from Halton allowed for a significant reduction energy as well as environmental discharge of cooking effluent.

The use of Halton’s Odor Critical PolluStop with VOC sensors provided the industry benchmark for grease and smoke removal as well as odor abatement technology that minimizes the environmental impact of the cooking process.

Luca is located at the ground floor of the Oliver, development  and is known for their modern take on classic Italian cuisine. Luca Restaurant shows off their roots with authentic Italian foods whiles meshing cohesively with a modern-day chic atmosphere. Made with only the best ingredients imported directly from Italy in order to give their customers the true Italian experience.