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13 Coins Restaurant

Seattle, WA, USA (2012)

The “13 Coins” name is of Peruvian origin. The story goes that a poor young man loved and wished to marry a wealthy girl. Her father asked what he had to offer for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The young man reached into his pocket. He had only 13 coins, but assured the father he could pledge undying love, care and concern. The father was so touched, he gave his daughter’s hand and “13 Coins” has come to symbolize unyielding love, care and concern.

13 Coins has chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchen.

13 Coins

13 Coins is a timeless Seattle institution where generations have gathered for an unforgettable experience since 1967.

Famed for its high backed booths, swiveling captain’s chairs and an exhibition kitchen known for lively, counter-side exchanges, 13 Coins has been host to countless first dates and proposals, family and company gatherings, celebrity sightings, and many late (or “early!”) nights on the town with friends.

When this iconic 24/7 restaurant decided to upgrade and update their ventilation system they turned to Smith & Green of Kent, Washington. There were numerous challenges; principal among them was the restaurants schedule. The owners were interested in an energy efficient system and the ability to have a demand control system. Smith & Green immediately thought of Halton and its M.A.R.V.E.L. (Model based Automated Regulation Ventilation of Exhaust Level) system. The design required 3 new Capture Jet Water Wash hoods at the exhibition counter and the retrofit of an existing hood in the back prep kitchen. All of the hoods would be tied to a single exhaust fan. The M.A.R.V.E.L. system controls all 4 hoods independently on a common fan, further enhancing energy savings opportunities.

Smith & Green and Halton worked with Puget Sound Energy to provide a significant custom rebate due to the energy savings projected.
This was validated post commissioning as the M.A.R.V.E.L. system has the ability to data log the air volume over time. Here is a small sample of the energy savings realized at 13 Coins.
The owner is able to log onto a secure site and view the hood operation and savings in real time.
This added feature of the M.A.R.V.E.L. system provides a level of control that gives the operator the tools they need to compare revenue generation to energy costs.
13 Coins will continue to serve the patrons of Seattle with a unique and intimate setting and be much more energy efficient doing it!

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