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St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2011)

Show cooking area of St Regis Saadiyat Hotel: When a concept turns to a high efficient solution.

For this hotel, Starwood group wanted to develop an original show cooking concept as part of its catering offer. Show cooking areas are typically characterized by medium or heavy load appliances located inside the dining area. A significant amount of smoke can therefore be generated in a very short time.

Such kind of demanding requirements call for very specific solutions.

St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

Starwood has chosen Halton solutions for the ventilation of its show cooking concept with a combination of several major benefits:

• Ventilation solutions are not at all undergone but are harmoniously integrated, so far even playing an active role in the architectural concept while being still efficient.
• Optimised exhaust airflow rates guarantee massive energy savings while providing a very good indoor air quality and comfort level.
• The guests enjoy unforgettable meals without being disturbed by cooking emissions, odours or bad comfort conditions.

Halton worked on this project, which includes a main restaurant and a beach restaurant, with SHW (Sefton Horn Winch) from initial concept to manufacture. The challenge for the main restaurant (now called Olea) was to design a solution to incorporate a special design concept while guaranteeing its efficiency and a high ergonomic level… all conceived specifically as visual appearance was the key consideration due to being a high end show kitchen.

“The biggest challenge for us generally was to ensure the exposed kitchen staging, blended with the interior design and mood of dining. You will find very little stainless steel even on ventilation” (Derek Horn from SHW).

SHW has developed a pure design based on the shape of a wave. It convinced immediately Starwood representatives. Hirsh Bedner Associates (HBA), the interior designer, has then coordinate its project with SHW concept to emphasize this “Wave design”. This original design gives to Olea restaurant a unique characteristic and a spirit which is unanimously recognized by the guests and users.

The global concept consist in four live cooking stations where food is finished in front of customers, adding to the convivial atmosphere. The Arabic Chef Station has a selection of meze and grilled dishes which are cooked on a shawarma, charcoal grill complimented with a chilled display for salad items and heated arabic bread section. It converts to breakfast service, so is very versatile.

The different manufacturing phases have been immensely difficult to achieve the “Wave design” for both Halton and the Kitchen manufacturer. The ventilation solutions designed by Halton combine a big know-how in manufacturing fully customized products and advanced technologies.

Halton works with you are your team for the best possible kitchen ventilation solutions
From early stage, Halton is prepared to meet you to review the solutions, their design requirements and their capabilities.

The Place
The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort



Foodservice Consultant:
SHW (Sefton Horn Winch)

Project rough sketch by courtesy of Hirsch Bedner Associates Atlanta (USA)