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Stone Sal

Shanghai, China (2017)

Opened in late 2017, Stone Sal is a high-end steak restaurant.
Stone Sal, the abbreviation of stone salt, refers to the mineral salt extracted from the 600-meter deep mine in the Himalayas. Its extremely high purity and decreasing output over the time reflect the excellent quality of all kinds of dry-aged steaks featured in the restaurant.

The interior decoration of Stone Sal, located in Shanghai downtown, is mainly made of raw materials like metal, rocks and woods where the salt and the rock set off against each other.

Stone Sal has chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchens.

HIK9 Shanghai

Halton sales & design team had to work closely with Chef Ling, owner of Stone Sal, to meet all the demanding requirements of the architectural project while offering a unique set of benefits, a combination of energy savings and design aesthetic.

Chef Ling, also the owner of Stone Sal, started his career in western kitchen of Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shanghai from the age of 16.
He joined the Blue Horizon Hospitality Group in his early 20s and became executive chef of the Group when he was 23rd.
Together with the founder of Kabb and Blue Frog, he was able to open more than 40 restaurants all over China.

Challenges and Solutions

One big challenge is the place itself!
It is an interesting building with low structure, and a roof with limited height.The structure of the building was not lending itself to traditional hood selection.

So, in order to create a bespoke solution, offering the client an efficient system whilst delivering a high-quality finish, the kitchen has been equipped with a KCJ Capture Jet™ Ceiling with Integrated supply air. It integrates effectiveness and efficiency, turning itself one of the highlights in the restaurant.

Stone Sal Shanghai

Stone Sal Shanghai

Chef owner and his brigade, immensely pleased with design as it is not an oppressive environment and easy to work in

Halton ventilated ceilings free the open kitchen from the constricted space taken up by hoods, and perfectly fit the layout of the whole restaurant without any compromise on ventilation performance.

Halton’s Capture Jet™ ventilated ceilings provide exceptional Indoor Environment Quality. Good working conditions are paramount and contribute to the best wellbeing and productivity levels in a kitchen. Thanks to a 15% reduction in exhaust airflow rates, they provide compelling energy savings.

Chef Zhengu Ling of Stone Sal restaurant opened a new spot in Shanghai, a test kitchen of sorts at the beginning of March named HIK9. This stands for “Hiding In the Kitchen at 9 Donghu Road.” Seating only 18 people a night, Mr. Ling, and his executive chef Benny Chen, offer their guests a 12-15-course chef’s table menu.

Ling Zhengu spent 2017 brainstorming concepts and designing Stone Sal, which was launched in the end of 2017. As the owner and executive chef, Stone Sal is Ling Zhengu’s baby – from concept to menu to sourcing to design. Since then, he has launched Meatopia in Pudong and now HIK9.

Chef Zhengu Ling has chosen Halton to provide the kitchen ventilation solution for his Stone Sal and HiK9 restaurants in Shanghai.