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Shanghai, China (2021)

HIK9 is high-end fine dining located in the central city of Shanghai with only a set dinner menu that changes completely every three months. The open kitchen allows guests to enjoy the display of different cooking techniques and creates an atmosphere of trust, warm and natural feeling.

Ling Zhengu, the owner of HIK9 has chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchen.

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Show kitchens’ ventilation concentrates number of technical challenges, with, on the top of that, strong architectural demands.

Most of the time, these projects require pushing the boundaries of design, making them as unique as exciting to work on. At the end, everything is pretty much just a question of balance. To mention just a few of the show kitchens’ challenges…

HIK9 Shanghai

Halton designed a Ventilated Ceiling equipped with the Capture Jet™ technology…

They provide incomparable visual comfort and an impression of space. Ceilings free the kitchen from the space. The entire kitchen then potentially benefits from the daylight, in addition to the integrated uniform and direct lighting. The visual comfort and the impression of space are incomparable. All components are designed to guarantee optimal hygiene levels and easy maintenance.

The Capture Jet™ technology enables reducing the exhaust airflow rates by up to 15% compared to traditional Ventilated Ceilings. The energy savings combines with lower sound level.

See below to get more about Halton ventilated ceilings and their benefits.


… with Halton Skyline lighting

Halton Skyline is the first LED based lighting technology specifically developed for the needs of commercial kitchens.

It combines the benefits of a Culinary Light and a Human Centric Light. Lighting that respects the natural food colour and texture, while contributing to the Wellbeing and safety of the staff.
Halton Skyline is a highly efficient LED design which contributes to impressive energy savings on lighting and cooling.

Installed at HIK9, and fitted in the ventilated ceilings, Halton Skyline provides more light where needed because it is also a question of safety and hygiene!

Halton Skyline brings life to light everywhere!

HIK9 Shanghai

Chef Zhengu Ling of Stone Sal restaurant opened a new spot in Shanghai, a test kitchen of sorts at the beginning of March named HIK9. This stands for “Hiding In the Kitchen at 9 Donghu Road.” Seating only 18 people a night, Mr. Ling, and his executive chef Benny Chen, offer their guests a 12-15-course chef’s table menu.

Ling Zhengu spent 2017 brainstorming concepts and designing Stone Sal, which was launched in the end of 2017. As the owner and executive chef, Stone Sal is Ling Zhengu’s baby – from concept to menu to sourcing to design. Since then, he has launched Meatopia in Pudong and now HIK9.

Stone Sal has also chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchen.

HIK9 Shanghai

I was using Halton products for many years. Then, three years ago, I wanted to open my own new restaurant, with an independent open kitchen. The restaurant concept was to provide lots of beef dishes. So, we were having high demands for the exhaust airflow rate and also the noise level. That's why we chose Halton. In this restaurant, the meat is smoked and roasted with charcoal grills. That generates an even greater amount of smoke. Halton solutions' extract efficiency meets this kind of expectation, so there was no doubt at all that we would choose Halton

- Ling Zhengu, Owner of HIK9