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Bulkhead beam,
Bulkhead beam,

Halton CHH – Chilled beam

Silent, easy to maintain, and ideal for hotel room use.

  • Combined cooling, heating, and supply air unit for suspended ceiling/bulkhead installation
  • Enhanced life-cycle performance
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  • Combined cooling, heating, and supply air unit for suspended ceiling / bulkhead installation
  • Enhanced life-cycle performance:
    • Energy-efficient solution with low air and water flow rates in both cooling and heating modes.
    • Suitable system for use with free energy sources and heat pumps.
    • Low-cost maintenance due to simple and hygienic principle of operation. Operates as a non-condensating dry system with minimal use of mechanical parts: no fan, no mechanical filters, no condensation tray, and no drainage tubing
  • Efficient ordering and installation:
    • Ability to change the position of the primary air inlet spigot and waterside pipe connections on-site to match the installation conditions.

Product options and accessories

  • Model with combined cooling and heating coil
  • Option for different supply air grilles
  • Integrated control valves and actuators