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Exposed installation beam
Exposed installation beam

Halton Rex Exposed (REE) – Chilled beam

Adaptable active chilled beam for exposed installation

  • This active chilled beam is fully adaptable for customised design solutions.
  • Sensors and lights are easy to integrate into the unit.
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  • Combined cooling, heating, and supply air unit for exposed installation
  • In-built flexibility for easy and fast adaptation of operation during space layout and usage changes
    • Individually adjustable velocity conditions with Halton Velocity Control (HVC)
    • Adjustment of velocity conditions in case of partition wall relocations with HVC
    • Adjustable supply airflow rate for layout changes with Halton Air Quality (HAQ) control
  • Possibility to choose several different outlooks

Product models and accessories

  • Model with combined cooling and heating coil
  • Models with manual, motorised and retrofit HAQ
  • Cable tray, duct cover, integrated control valves and actuators as accessories

Halton chilled beams are certified by Eurovent Certita.

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