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MUA-IF – Indirect fired make-up air unit

ETL Listed – Halton’s Indirect fired make-up air units (MUA-IF) provide filtered and tempered make-up air where ever the need arises to maintain a balanced space. The unit can be utilized for constant volume or work in conjunction with Halton’s M.A.R.V.E.L. demand control variable volume system.

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Halton’s range of Indirect Fired make-up air units is designed to comply with the highest hygiene requirements inside professional kitchens. Whatever its level, hygiene can rapidly be compromised if a correct balance between supply and exhaust is not maintained at all times and in each area of the kitchen. Halton units provide a high level of air quality inside the kitchen and work “hand-in-hand” with PolluStop units and Halton’s airflow optimization system M.A.R.V.E.L.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets U.S. and Canadian Standards and Codes
  • Listed to Ansi standard Z83.8 and UL 1995
  • Natural Gas
  • Gas Supply Pressure: 7 in. w.c./14 in. w.c.
  • Maximum External Static Pressure 1.5” w.c.
  • Maximum Temperature rise: 100°F
  • Maximum Discharge Temperature: 90°F
  • Belt Drive, Forward Curve Blower
  • Unit Mounted Controls
  • Horizontal or down discharge
  • Heat Recovery (HRU) Module available.

Standard Features

  • Belt Drive, forward curved blower
  • Rolled Steel, ODP Blower motor
  • Motorized intake damper
  • Unit Mounted Discharge Temp. Controls
  • Unit Mounted Call for Heat
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Constant volume
  • Unit mounted Non-Fused Disconnect
  • Neoprene Fan Isolators
  • End or Bottom discharge
  • 1” Insulation, double wall
  • G90 Galvanized, unpainted
  • Lift Off Doors
  • 10:1 Gas Turn Down

Options Available

  • Direct Drive, Plenum Fan
  • TEFC Blower Motor (Rolled Steel or Cast Iron)
  • Intake Hood w/ 2” Alum. Mesh Filters & Bird Screen
  • MERV 8 Dust Filters
  • Gravity Intake Damper
  • Remote DAT (Discharge Air Temp.) or Space Temp. Controls
  • Freeze Stat
  • Variable Volume (Halton provides VFD)
  • Heat Recovery (HRU) Module
  • Up to 30:1 Gas Turn Down
  • Air Turn Down up to 30:1
  • Seismic Blower Isolators
  • Roof Curb (Optional Insulation & Nailer)
  • Uninsulated
  • Gas Pressure Gauges
  • High and Low Gas Pressure Switches
  • Gas Regulator (Field Installed)
  • Paint


  • MUA-IF – Indirect fired make-up air unit



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