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Casa Mia

Shanghai, China (2020)

Located in Shanghai, just slightly off the busy end of town, Casa Mia is a hard-to-find little Italian restaurant round the back of Donghu Hotel.

Casa Mia has chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchen.

CASA MIA, JE&JO, and CHEF’S TABLE – Creating Positive Experiences

In the bustling heart of Shanghai, Tom Yu takes pride in his role as the proprietor of the renowned Casa Mia, Je&Jo and Chef’s Table restaurants.

With a vision deeply rooted in Italian culinary heritage, Mr. Yu has always aimed to transcend traditional dining, offering his guests not just meals, but unforgettable experiences.

In an era where cuisine is savored not merely for its taste but for the experience it provides, Mr. Yu’s innovative approach includes integrating the kitchen with the dining area, allowing guests to be at the heart of the culinary action.

Mr. Yu believes in the symbiotic relationship between a positive working environment for his staff and the quality of the guest experience. “If the team isn’t happy, how can our guests be?” he often muses. This philosophy became the cornerstone of his projects, especially given the intricate challenges posed by open kitchens. From managing odors and ensuring proper ventilation to reducing noise, the transition to an open kitchen layout was fraught with complexities that demanded expert solutions.

Enter Chef Ling, a colleague of Mr. Yu and the culinary mastermind behind Stone Sal and HIK9 restaurants, both of which boast successful open kitchens thanks to Halton’s advanced ventilation technologies. Inspired by Chef Ling’s positive experience, Mr. Yu sought Halton’s expertise for his own establishments.

For Casa Mia, Halton recommended their innovative KCJ Capture Jet™ ventilated ceiling, a solution that not only optimizes air quality but also conserves energy.

The Chef’s Table restaurant, known for its charcoal oven and grills, required a more specialized approach. Halton’s tailored solution included the Capture Jet™ and Cold Mist hood CMW-F, designed with a keen focus on fire safety for solid fuel cooking.

The implementation of Halton’s technologies in Casa Mia, Je&Jo and Chef’s Table has been transformative. The Capture Jet™ technology not only reduces energy consumption but also minimizes ambient noise, creating a serene dining atmosphere.

Moreover, Halton’s careful consideration of air reintroduction into the kitchen, through low-velocity diffusers, significantly mitigates the risk of drafts and smoke dispersion, ensuring a comfortable environment for both guests and staff.

Thanks to Mr. Yu’s visionary approach and Halton’s state-of-heart solutions, Casa Mia, Je&Jo and Chef’s Table have become epitomes of culinary excellence where creativity flourishes, and every meal becomes a memorable experience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Yu and Chef Ling for placing their trust in Halton Solutions and for pioneering a dining revolution that puts guest experience and staff wellbeing at the forefront.