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Munja Browary Warszawskie

Warsaw, Poland (2020)

Munja is the only restaurant in Poland serving Adriatic cuisine, and was founded by a family from Montenegro and its Polish friends.

Munja Browary Warszawskie has chosen Halton Solutions for the ventilation of their kitchen.

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Munja Browary Warszawskie

A highly efficient kitchen ventilation Solution for heavy duty cooking appliances…

At Munja, food is cooked over a coal and wood-fueled furnace, those heavy duty cooking appliances are challenging to address.

Halton’s CMW-IMOD hoods are specially designed for heavy duty or solid fuel cooking appliances, such as charcoal ovens, barbecues, gas woks or charbroilers.

They are equipped with the Cold Mist technology used to drive the inherent fire risk down to the level of standard cooking appliances.

The Cold Mist technology is based on the use of a continuous, full-length fine Cold Water Mist facility inside the exhaust plenum of the hood.

It has proved to be extremely efficient at removing FOG (fats, oils and grease) from the airstream, thus also reducing odour emissions at the point of discharge, for the benefit of neighbouring premises.
It also acts as an effective “Spark Arrestor”.

Fire safety can’t be higher!

Halton works with you are your team for the best possible kitchen ventilation solutions
From early stage, Halton is prepared to meet you to review the solutions, their design requirements and their capabilities.

Foodservice Consultant:
E.N.D Wiesława Grzesińska

Kitchen Equipment Contractor:
Best CS

Mechanical Engineer:
WW Instal (Wojciech Wacławski)

Mechanical Contractor:
TKT Engineering