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Reduce the risk of virus spread in classrooms and educational facilities with Halton Solutions.

Halton brings over 50 years of experience in enabling wellbeing in demanding indoor environments. The level of competence and expertise Halton provides through innovative ventilation solutions that require a high level of air quality and cleanliness. This knowledge and evolving research data provide the springboard for antiviral solutions to mitigate virus transmission. These solutions, along with social distancing, masks, and increased hygiene, reduce the probability of virus spread.

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Increasing Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) reduces the probability of infection.

The challenge facing Administrators and Educators as they bring back students to a traditional classroom during a pandemic is how they are to minimize the potential for virus spread. The amount of outside air is the primary driver for classrooms equipped with ducted ventilation. These classrooms require a specific volume of outside air per student. Those guidelines are identified in ASHRAE 62.1. Those classrooms that don’t have operable windows or other sources of fresh air now have a means of delivering clean air to space.

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Deeper knowledge

With the introduction of new technologies and best practices, the world of virus mitigation is continuously changing and improving. To help you keep your skills and knowledge up to date, Halton offers a variety of information to help ensure your facility is equipped with good indoor air quality and ventilation to help reduce the risk of infection and virus spread.

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All solutions for educational facilities

Large spaces ventilation

Cafeteria, lobby, and convention area demand based ventilation energy efficiently.

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Laboratory Solution

Exceptionally safe and efficient environments for laboratory professionals. Read more about the Laboratory ventilation system.

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K 12 School Kitchen Ventilation

Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Kitchen Ventilation Design in K 12 School Environments

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Culinary school kitchen ventilation

Halton provides the kitchen ventilation solution that addresses the unique operational and acoustic requirements of Teaching Kitchens

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Central Vacuum Cleaning

We have delivered industrial quality central vacuum cleaning systems for different types of educational facilities and schools.

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Central kitchen ventilation

Education and health sectors are one of the biggest catering segment with ever-increasing quality demands and financial constraints. Halton's ventilation solutions contribute achieving this challenge.

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Cafeteria kitchen ventilation

At a smaller scale as the central kitchens, the cafeterias (canteens) for educational facilities face the same challenge. Halton's ventilation solutions directly contribute reducing the part of the energy and maintenance in the meal cost with the highest hygiene level.

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Virus Mitigation for Educational Facilities

Reducing the risk of virus spread while creating a clean environment for the health and safety of students, staff and teachers

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Auditorium ventilation

Designing ventilation for teaching auditoriums with acoustics environment consideration.

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Classroom ventilation

Good ventilation affects the learning conditions in a classroom. Ventilation design manages air quality during peak and non-peak hours energy efficiently.

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