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Ventilation for an Auditorium

An important consideration in auditorium spaces is how the sound carries in the space and that the ventilation is designed so that it does not affect this. It’s highly important also that the CO2 levels stay low and that the space enable and enhance learning.

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Typical challenges in an auditorium space.

One of the typical challenges is to provide enough air in both peak and non-peak hours of education. Sound levels too can pose an issue, as can how to integrate the ventilation system behind the auditorium’s surfaces. Halton’s solution addresses all these issues.

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auditorium lecture

Why choose Halton?

Halton is able to simulate indoor climate conditions during the auditorium’s peak and non-peak hours.

We also work in close co-operation with the architect and interior designer, tailoring the ventilation systems for the best environment for the education situation involved.

  •  25+ years of experience
  •  Demand based ventilation for energy efficiency

      • State-of-the-art innovations


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