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Ventilation for class-rooms

The amount of air affects the teaching conditions in a class-room. Many studies have confirmed the impact of poor air quality and high CO2 levels on learning.

It is vital for fresh air to reach everyone in the classroom and that the solution is demand based.

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Typical challenges class room ventilation

A typical challenge in class-rooms is to ensure that CO2 levels stay good. Another is how to design demand based ventilation to handle both peak and non-peak hours of schools in an energy efficient manner.

Also important is how to situate the supply and exhaust products in the room such that it is nearly draught free and there is even air quality throughout the class-room.

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Why choose Halton?

Halton has experience in providing class-rooms with high indoor air quality and offers both mixing and displacement systems with demand-based logic.

Studies have shown that displacement ventilation in particular is ideal for creating environments that enhance learning.

• 25+ years of experience

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