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Jet air diffuser
Jet air diffuser

Halton APL – Jet air diffuser

Ideal for large spaces and with adjustable throw pattern.

  • Specially designed for large enclosures
  • Long throw pattern with low velocity reduction

Compact jet air supply for wall or ceiling installations


  • Specially designed for large enclosures
  • Long throw pattern with low velocity reduction
  • Auto-balancing of the duct work due to units high pressure drop
  • Directional air pattern; maximum deflection angle of 30° in all directions
  • Circular duct connection with rubber gasket
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium material

Product models

  • Model with adjustment damper

Quick selection

Halton APL


NS ØW ØW1 H H1 ØD ØD1 Number of
mounting holes
150 203 178 92 29 152 76 4
200 254 229 117 44 203 111 4
250 305 279 159 64 254 146 6
315 356 330 165 76 305 187 6
355 406 381 187 105 356 219 6
400 457 432 216 117 406 248 6
450 508 483 254 117 457 267 8
500 559 533 279 127 508 314 8

The installation hole in the wall : ØD + 8mm


 Part  Material  Finishing  Note
 Aluminium  Anodised or
White (RAL 9003)
 Special colours
 Aluminium  Anodised or
White (RAL 9003)
 Special colours
 Gasket  Open cell polyester foam

Product models

 Product model Code  Description
 APL with circular damper APL/A  Adjustable airflow rate with aperture control
 APL without damper (standard) APL/N

The aluminium aperture damper is connected to the adjustment knob via a stainless steel connecting link, tension spring and hardware, providing corrosion resistance.


Supply air is supplied to the space at a high velocity.
The supply air mixes efficiently with the room air, with a high induction effect.
The supply air jet can be directed at an angle of 30° when the angle of roll is 360°.

Adjustment of the supply air pattern (Halton APL/A model) can be performed manually.


Code description
1.    Frame
2.    Fixings screws

The Halton APL jet nozzle diffuser is fastened to the wall with screws.
Screw the fixing screws into the pre-drilled holes in the front panel.

Note :
When a connection to the duct is required, an additional part can be supplied (Flange for Halton APL).


Remove the diffuser by unscrewing the visible fixing screws.
Clean the parts by wiping them with a damp cloth.
Push the diffuser back into place and screw in the fixing screws.


The supply air jet is directionnal in an angle of 30°, when the angle roll is 360°.

The jet diffuser ensures the auto-balancing of the network due to its high pressure drop.

The jet diffuser ensures a good diffusion for large enclosure.

The  jet nozzle is made of heavy aluminium.

The colour of the jet diffuser is either anodised or white (RAL 9003).

The jet diffuser includes a sealing gasket.

Directional adjustment is accurate, accomplished without the use of special tools, and is able to provide 70° of global rotation with minimal restriction of movement.

Order code


S = Model
       A      With damper
N      Standard (without damper)

D = Diameter of duct connection
150, 200, 250, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500

Other options and accessories

FI  =  Finishing
AN       Anodised
PN       Painted

CO = Colour
SW     Signal white (RAL 9003)

ZT  = Tailored product
N        No
Y        Yes (ETO)

Code example

APL/A-150, FI=AN, ZT=N


Halton APL – Jet air diffuser
Halton APL – Suihkusuutinhajottaja
Halton APL – Diffuseur à jet d’air
Halton APL – Jetspridare
Halton APL – Weitwurfdüse
Halton APL - fr
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