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Halton CAR – Conical diffuser

Ideal for high spaces.

  • Suitable for supply/exhaust and high airflow rates
  • Cooling applications with supply/room air temperature difference as low as -16 °C
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  • Horisontal air supply
  • Suitable for supply/exhaust and high airflow rates
  • Cooling applications with supply/room air temperature difference as low as -16 °C
  • Also suitable for heating
  • Integrated or suspended ceiling installation
  • Circular duct connection with rubber gasket
  • Openable cone module enables the cleaning of the diffuser and ductwork

Product models and accessories

  • Balancing plenum with adjustment functions (Halton TRH) or even with measurement function (Halton TRI).
  • Adjustment module for balancing of the airflow
  • Modular 600×600 mm suspended ceiling model


160 343 65 54 159
200 457 80 70 199
250 571 87 88 249
315 686 91 106 314
355 857 102 133 354
400 857 100 133 399
450 1030 120 157 449
560 1200 124 184 558

Special dimensions are not available.


Part Material Finishing
Diffuser Steel Epoxy-painted,
white (RAL 9003)
Plenum box Galvanised steel


Accessory Code  Description
Plenum TRH Plenum for duct connection
(with or without insulation)
Balancing plenum with
airflow measurement and
adjustment unit
TRI/N  For balancing, equalising the airflow
Sound attenuation IN Polyester fibre as sound attenuation material
in the TRI plenum.
Mineral wool as sound attenuation material
in the TRH plenum.
Airflow measurement
and adjustment unit
MSM  For supply installation

Product models

 Product model Code Description
Diffuser integrated in front panel,
600 x 600 mm
CAR/B Sizes 160, 200 and 250 are available
as integrated in a steel panel for
installation in a modular 600×600 mm
suspended ceiling.The external dimensions of the
front panel are 595 mm x 595 mm


Supply air is divided into several jets through the cones.
The divergent sections of the diffuser create negative pressure under the diffuser so room air is induced into the supply air terminal. Room air and supply air mix.

This internal induction reduces temperature and the air velocity into the space.
The process is the same outside the diffuser between the supply and mixed room air, with external induction further reducing velocity and the temperature difference between supply and room air.

The diffuser can also be used as an exhaust unit.


The Halton CAR diffuser can be installed flush with a suspended ceiling or fully exposed in the space.
The diffuser is connected directly to the duct using a Halton TRH plenum or Halton TRI balancing plenum. When it is connected directly to ductwork, a safety distance of minimum 3D upstream of the diffuser should be maintained.

Installation with plenum Halton TRI or TRH

Halton TRI

160 159 TRI-160-160 304…334 54
200 199 TRI-200-200 369…399 70
250 249 TRI-250-250 440…470 88
315 314 TRI-315-315 490…520 106

Halton TRH

160 159 TRH-160 290…320 54
200 199 TRH-200 395…425 70
250 249 TRH-250 402…432 88
315 314 TRH-315 556…686 106
355 349 TRH-355 567…597 133
400 399 TRH-400 565…595 133
450 449 TRH-450 785…815 157
560 559 TRH-560 789…819 184

When the Halton TRI spigot is installed in the plenum, the H dimensions can be reduced by 60 mm.

The technical performance for the combination of supply air diffuser and Halton TRI plenum is presented separately for the two different installations.

Dimensions of the ceiling opening

160 290
200 406
250 510
315 610
355 760
400 760
450 915
560 1065


The airflow rate can be adjusted and measured only when the diffuser is installed.

In order to enable airflow adjustment and measurement of airflow rate, it is recommended to connect the diffuser to a plenum equipped with the MSM module.
The supply flow rate is determined using measurement and adjustment module MSM.

Detach the conical central core and pass the tubes and control spindle through the diffuser.
Measure the differential pressure with a manometer. The flow rate is calculated using the formula below.

Adjust the airflow rate by rotating the control spindle until the desired setting is achieved.
Lock the damper position with a screw.
Replace the tubes and spindle in the plenum and push the conical central core back into place.

The k factor for installations with different safety distances (D= duct diameter)

TRH/TRI >8xD min 3XD
125 9.9 12.6
160 16.9 21.9
200 28.3 31.0
250 47.9 51.5
315 78.6


Remove the conical central core by unscrewing it from the frame.
Clean the parts by wiping them with a damp cloth.
Put each screw back in place, and screw on until the conical central core fits in place.

Option: with balancing plenum Halton TRI+MSM or  Halton TRH+MSM

Remove the measurement and adjustment module by pulling gently on the shaft (not the control spindle).
Wipe the parts with a damp cloth, instead of immersing in water.

Reassemble the measurement and adjustment module by pushing the shaft until the module meets the stopper.
Put each screw back in place, and screw on until the conical central core fits in place.


The diffuser is made of several stamped cones, made of epoxy-painted steel with a white (RAL 9003) standard colour.

The diffuser is suitable for installation on exposed ductwork or flush to the ceiling.

The diffuser is connected to the ductwork using a Halton TRI balancing plenum, which utilises polyester fibre with a washable surface as sound attenuation material.
The diffuser is connected to the ductwork using a Halton TRH plenum, which utilises mineral wool as sound attenuation material.

The plenum comprises an airflow measurement and adjustment unit.

The conical central core is removable.

The air discharge pattern is radial around the full perimeter of the air diffuser.
The cones form divergent sections, which creates underpressure inducing room air into the unit.

Order Code


 D = Diameter of duct connection (mm)
 160, 200, 250, 315, 355, 400, 450, 560

Other options and accessories

WS = Width of suspended ceiling element
NA      Not Assigned

CO = Colour
SW    Signal white (RAL 9003)
X        Special colour (RAL xxxx)

ZT = Tailored product
N        No
Y        Yes (ETO)

Sub products

TRI       Plenum
TRH     Plenum

Code example



  • Halton CAR – Conical diffuser



    Shape 2
  • Halton CAR – Kartiohajottaja



    Shape 2
  • Halton CAR – Diffuseur à induction interne



    Shape 2
  • Halton CAR – Cirkulär konspridare för installation i undertak



    Shape 2
  • Halton CAR – fr


    Shape 2
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