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Teaching Kitchen Ventilation provided by Halton

Addressing the unique operational and acoustic requirements of Culinary School Kitchen Ventilation

Culinary schools are different than the typical production kitchen but must have the ability to address intermittent and high demand quickly.

Halton’s commercial kitchen ventilation system, whether our Capture Jet Series of energy-efficient canopies or our Ventilated Ceiling Systems, provide solutions that address noise and energy efficiency.

From the design concept, Halton is prepared to meet with your design team, contractors and tenants to review the system and its capabilities.

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Teaching Kitchen Ventilation Exhaust Hoods
Halton Capture Jet exhaust hoods at Francis Tuttle Technology Center, located in Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Considerations for Culinary School Kitchens and their unique ventilation requirements.

Culinary Schools are not significantly different than a traditional classroom. The same requirements for a teaching environment apply to a culinary school with a couple of important exceptions. In a teaching environment, open site lines and low noise levels are essential elements of a properly designed classroom.

In a teaching kitchen exhaust system, demand centers around the course schedule. You would have some periods of inactivity followed by a significant uptick in cooking. The system is required to be able to respond instantaneously as well as isolate inactive ventilation stations as well.

Teaching Kitchen Ventilation Ventilated Ceiling
Halton's Ventilated Ceiling System at George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Why choose Halton

To address the primary requirements of a Culinary School, open site lines, and low noise along with infrastructure flexibility, Halton’s offering addresses all the key concerns.

  • Maximizing infrastructure flexibility by having the ability to put multiple hoods on a single fan while having them operate autonomously
  • Halton Capture Jet canopies and Ventilated Ceilings are the quietest operating in the industry, allowing the instructor to be heard.
  • The Ventilated Ceiling System provides open site lines and is ideal for when a video is being used
  • The system is energy efficient and only provides the amount of exhaust based on the cooking status.
  • Systems minimize duct runs and infrastructure costs.

Download our brochure on Achieving Energy Efficiency in kitchen ventilation for school designs.

Download Halton Brochure on achieving energy efficiency ventilation for educational facilities

(PDF, 2 MB)
Achieving Energy Efficiency in kitchen ventilation for school designs.

Even with the use of Energy Star appliances, commercial kitchens remain one of the most energy intense users of energy thus requiring special attention to the design of kitchen ventilation and comfort systems. Download our School Design Brochure for more information.

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