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Halton AGC – Exhaust grille

Low pressure and sound levels – quiet in use

  • Large free area, high airflow rates with minimal pressure drop
  • Detachable grille enables cleaning of the grille and ductwork

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  • Large free area, high airflow rates with minimal pressure drop
  • Detachable grille enables cleaning of the grille and ductwork
  • Spring clip fastening

Product models and accessories

  • Model without frame
  • Airflow adjustment damper
  • Plenum options with measurement and adjustment functions
  • Installation frame
  • Plenum insulation


LxH L1 L2 H1 H2
200×100 226 176 126 76
300×150 326 276 176 126
400×200 426 376 226 176
300×300 326 276 326 276
500×300 526 476 326 276
600×300 626 576 326 276
600×400 626 576 426 376
800×400 826 776 426 376
570×270 596 546 296 246
570×570 596 546 596 546
1170×570 1196 1146 596 546

With flow control damper OD total depth is 32 mm + 45 mm.
The free area of the AGC grille is 92 %.

Halton AGC/S model

Nominal sizes are 595 x 595 mm and 1195 x 1195 mm.

Special dimensions

In addition to these standard sizes, other dimensions can be specially ordered. The maximum size is 1200×670 mm (LxH).


Part Material Finishing Note
Frame Aluminium Anodised or
White (RAL 9003/30% gloss)
Special colours
100 % epoxy-painted
as an option.
Egg crate core
(13x13x13 mm)
Aluminium Anodised or
White (RAL 9003/30% gloss)
Special colours
100 % epoxy-painted
as an option.
Installation frame Galvanised
Option: Concealed
screw (CC) fastening
– galvanised steel
Plenum box / spigot Galvanised

The bevel angles of the outer frame have been welded so that the joints are almost invisible.


 Product model  Code  Description
 Grille without frame  AGC/S  Installation on ceiling profiles
Accessory Code Description
Balancing plenum PRL For balancing and equalising the airflow
and attenuating the duct noise
Plenum BDR Plenum for duct connection
(with or without attenuation material)
Airflow measurement
and adjustment unit
MEM For exhaust
Sound attenuation IN Mineral wool for the Halton BDR plenum box.
Mineral wool or polyester fiber
for the Halton PRL plenum box.
Installation frame IF For installation without plenum
Concealed screw fixing CC For installation with BDR plenum or IF frame
Visible screw fastening SF Screw fastening

Mesh alternatives

Both models Halton AGC and Halton AGC/S can be equipped with following alternative mesh types.

Mesh Code Description
Standard mesh ME=A Aluminium egg crate core
13mm x 13mm x 13mm
Special mesh B ME=B Aluminium egg crate core
15mm x 15mm x 13mm
Special mesh C ME=C Aluminium egg crate core
13mm x 13mm x 13mm
with a deflection of 45°
to reduce the visibility
through the grille


Air is exhausted from the space through the egg crate core of the grille.

Wall or ceiling installation.


Size of installation hole is LxH with an installation frame and (L-5)x(H-5) without installation frame.

The grille is connected directly to the duct using either the installation frame or a Halton PRL balancing plenum or Halton BDR plenum.

Halton PRL is not available for all AGC sizes.

Installation frame, IF/AGC            Plenum box, BDR                     Balancing plenum, PRL

Fastening options

Clips, as standard (CL)

The grilles are supplied with clips fastening as standard.
Clips fastening is used with installation frame (IF) or balancing plenums (Halton PRL and Halton BDR).

Concealed screw (CC)

Concealed screw fastening is possible when the grille is installed with an installation frame (IF) or with a Halton BDR plenum box.

In such cases, small holes are factory made in Halton BDR for each concealed screw.
Concealed screw fastening is not possible with Halton PRL plenum.
For ceiling installation concealed screw fastening is recommended.

Visible screw (SF)

For ceiling installation the use of visible screw fastening is recommended. Bevel headed screws (4.2×25) are supplied with the grille.


In order to enable adjustment and measurement of airflow rate, it is recommended that you connect the diffuser to the Halton BDR or Halton PRL balancing plenum equipped with the MEM module.

The airflow rate can only be adjusted and measured when the grille is connected to the Halton BDR or Halton PRL plenum.

Define the exhaust airflow rate by measuring the pressure difference between the measurement tap on the Halton PRL or Halton BDR balancing plenum and the room air. The corresponding airflow rate is calculated using the formula below:

Adjust the airflow rate by turning the control spindle of the MEM.

The k-factor for installations with different safety distances
(D = duct diameter)

Halton BDR

D >6xD min 3xD
100 6 7
125 10 12
160 19 22
200 28 32
250 49 51
315 77 83

Airflow adjustment damper (OD/AGC)

The airflow rate is adjusted by turning the damper blades behind the grille with a screwdriver. The measurement is performed when the grille is installed.


Remove the grille by gently drawing it out by the frame. Use a screwdriver if necessary.
Clean the parts by wiping with a damp cloth.
Push the grille back into place until the springs lock (or by tightening the concealed screws).

Installation with balancing plenum Halton PRL + MEM or Halton BDR + MEM

Remove the measurement and adjustment module by gently pulling the shaft (not the control spindle).
Wipe the parts with a damp cloth, instead of immersing in water.
Reassemble the measurement and adjustment module by pushing the shaft into place until the module meets the stopper.
Push the grille back into place so that the springs lock.


The Halton AGC exhaust grille has a large free area. Pressure loss will remain minimal, even with high exhaust rates.
The grille has a 25 mm wide flat frame and an egg crate core, anodised or painted with a white (RAL 9003) colour.
The joints of the outer frame are practically invisible.

Option 1

The grille is connected to the ductwork using a plenum with mineral wool as sound attenuation material.

Option 2

The grille is connected to the ductwork using the balancing plenum, comprising sound attenuation material made from polyester fibre with a washable surface.
The plenum will comprise an airflow measurement and adjustment unit.

The exhaust grille is openable in order to provide access to the measurement and adjustment module in the balancing plenum.

Order code


S = Model
N    Standard
S    Without frame (AGC/SC)

L = Length (mm)
200, +1,.., 1200

H = Height (mm)
100, +1,.., 670

Other options and accessories

FS = Fastening
CL        Clips
SF        Screw
CC       Concealed screw
NA       Not assigned

ME = Mesh
A         Standard mesh (13x13x13 mm)
B         Special mesh (15x15x13 mm)
C         Special mesh 45° (13x13x13 mm)

FI   = Finishing
AN       Anodised
PN       Painted

CO = Colour
SW     Signal white (RAL 9003)
X         Special colour (RAL xxxx)
N         No painting

ZT  = Tailored product
N        No
Y        Yes (ETO)

Sub products

BDR      Balancing plenum
PRL       Balancing plenum
IF          Installation frame (Grilles)
OD        Opposed blade damper (Grilles)

Code example

AGC/N-200-100, FS=CL,ME=A,FI=AN,CO=N, ZT=N


  • Halton AGC – Exhaust grille



    Shape 2
  • Halton AGC – Poistosäleikkö



    Shape 2
  • Halton AGC – Grille d’extraction



    Shape 2
  • Halton AGC – Abluftgitter



    Shape 2
  • Halton AGC – Frånluftsgaller



    Shape 2
  • Halton AGC – Exhaust grille



    Shape 2
  • Halton AGC – Fiche technique


    Français (fr)
    Shape 2
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