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Mezzaluna at Lebua State Tower

Bangkok, Thailand (2023)

Mezzaluna is the highest restaurant on the 65th floor of the Tower Club at Lebua, in Bangkok, with a breathtaking 180-degree views of the city and river.

Mezzaluna has chosen Halton solutions for the ventilation of their kitchens.

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Mezzaluna Lebua Bangkok, a prestigious 2-star Michelin restaurant, recently underwent a kitchen renovation using Halton solutions.

The upgrade has significantly improved the kitchen’s ventilation and exhaust system, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable working environment for the culinary team.
The new system has also reduced noise levels in the show kitchen, allowing Chefs to work efficiently while maintaining a peaceful dining atmosphere.
In line with the restaurant’s elegant black and white kitchen concept, the new exhaust hood has been powder-coated in sleek black.

This aesthetic enhancement not only complements the overall design but also showcases the sophisticated touch of Halton’s craftsmanship.The stylish appearance of the kitchen now matches the high standards of the dining experience at Mezzaluna Lebua Bangkok.
Additionally, the installation of the latest Halton Culinary Light (HCL) technology allows the kitchen lighting to be tuned based on the ambiance needed. This innovative feature provides both functional benefits and a unique dining experience.

With Halton’s advanced solutions, Mezzaluna Lebua Bangkok continues to offer exceptional cuisine in an optimal and visually appealing kitchen environment.

Two Michelin-starred restaurant on 65th floor of State Tower Bangkok takes Halton Systems to new heights

Mezzaluna at State Tower

Both the Owner and the Chef have given glowing feedback about our solutions, which have not only met their expectations but exceeded them, improving their operations and enhancing their customer experience. We are extremely proud of this achievement and grateful for their positive testimonial.

Check out the full testimonial. A huge thank you to Mezzaluna & Lebua Team!

After renovation, it is much more comfortable for working, particularly for cooking, and serving. This ventilation system improves a lot the conditions for all of us. We used to generate a lot of heat, typically resulting in sweating while working, but now it is no longer the case, everybody can work very comfortably. And it makes a better experience for the guests. This is the best exhaust system I have ever experienced, both in terms of technical performance and design.

- says Mr Ryuki Kawasaki (Chef at Mezzaluna Bangkok)