CPA - Chilled beam



  • 用于安装平齐或下方吊顶面的模块化对流散热器
  • 工作状态安静
  • 无运动部件
  • 维护间隔长,生命周期成本低
  • 单台/多台控制
  • 适用于办公室、会议室、零售商店、宾馆和医疗保健场所
  • 可配备水阀
  • 100 mm 和 300 mm 两种高度可满足不同的制冷要求

输出/功率:80 500 W/m
标准长度:1200, +100,...,5000 mm
宽度:270、450 和 585 mm
箱体高度:100 或 300 mm

热交换器的翅片由铝制成,水管由铜制成,额定外径应为 15 mm。
水管的最大工作压力为 1.0 MPa。所有接缝均完全焊接完毕并在出厂前通过压力测试。

Halton CPA

Passive chilled beam for suspended installation

  • Modular convector for mounting flush or below ceiling plane
  • Quiet operation
  • No moving parts
  • Long maintenance interval to meet low lifecycle cost
  • Individual/multiple beam control
  • Suitable for offices, conference rooms, retail, hotels and healthcare environments
  • Can be delivered with water valve
  • Two heights to meet cooling demands 100mm and 300mm

Halton is specialised for customised products to meet special demands in project. Possibilities for special outlooks and multiservice products where are integrated lights sensors and other special demands.

Dimensions and weight

WD = Location of pipe connection
          S     Front end
          U     On top





l (without valves)

l (with valves)

315 100 136 1200-5000 L-200 L-300
450 100 204 1200-5000 L-200 L-300
585 100 271 1200-5000 L-200 L-300
315 300 136 1200-5000 L-200 L-300
450 300 204 1200-5000 L-200 L-300
585 300 271 1200-5000 L-200 L-300 

A coil with 1 loop has a connection pipe ØD 15 mm and 2 loops has a connection pipe ØD 22 mm.

Fig.1.  Optionality factory-fitted valve 

Weights, kg/m (including water)


 100 mm

300 mm
315 8.5 (8.7) 9.7 (10.0)
450 11 (12.1) 12,4 (13.5)
585 13 (14.4)

14,4 (15.8


Halton CPA has side flanges made from steel The modular perforated screen (holes 10 mm / 50% free area) is produced in pre-painted sheet metal, RAL 9003.  The coil is made from Ø15 mm copper pipes bonded to aluminum fins. 

 Part  Material  Finishing  Note
 Side flanges  Sheet metal  Painted  
 Perforated screen  Sheet metal  Painted  
 End cap  Sheet metal  Painted  
 Coiling fins  Aluminium    
 Cooling pipes  Copper    Diameter 15 mm


 Accessory Code  Note
 Pipe connection, straight in the end WD=S  
 Pipe connection, at the top WD=U  
 Factory-fitted control valve CV =  See Order Code

Other options by requesting Halton customer service.


The passive beam operates by natural convection, removing the heat load from the room and replacing it with a cooling airflow. The convective airflow (output) increases or decreases in proportion with the heat load within the occupied zone, securing an optimal thermal comfort. Varying sensible cooling output requirements are met by regulating the flow of chilled water through the beam heat exchanger. This is controlled by a combination of room thermostat and water  valve. Operating at elevated chilled water temperatures (to avoid latent cooling), the opportunities for free-cooling are significant.


The chilled beam Halton CPA is installed fully exposed below a ceiling or suspended ceiling.
In order to ensure effective convection, the beam should be mounted at a minimum distance from the ceiling equal to 0.25 x the width of the beam, when installed away from wall surfaces, or 0.5 x beam width when installed close to partition walls.

Each chilled beam is fixed to the ceiling with expansion anchors and threaded drop rods (not included in the delivery). Four assembly brackets are fixed one fifth of the unit length (L/5) away from the end of the beam. There will be six assembly brackets with beam length ³ 3500.
The exact positions of the brackets are adjusted according to the rod position.

The chilled beam position can be easily adjusted both horizontally and vertically. Assembly brackets are supplied as standard in the package.
The contractor shall supply threaded rods and expansion anchors.

Distance from the ceiling

D = distance wall; up to 1,0 x W


Commissioning of the chilled beam system is carried out following standard practice:

  • Fill up and flush the main pipelines
  • Fill up and vent the beam circuits
  • Adjust the flow water temperature set point
  • Adjust water flow rates with the balancing valves in all main pipelines to the correct value
  • Adjust water flows in all chilled beams to the correct value


The Halton CPA chilled beam requires minimum maintenance. It may be necessary to clean the cooling coils every three to five years, depending on room conditions and air quality. The casing may be cleaned with a damp cloth. The cooling coil can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.


Output/capacity        80 500 W/m
Standard length       1200, +100,...,5000 mm
Width                         315, 450 or 585 mm
Casing height           100 or 300 mm

The heat exchanger is constructed from aluminium fins and copper pipes with a nominal outside diameter of 15 mm.
The maximum chilled water pipe work operating pressure is 1.0 MPa. All joints are fully soldered and factory pressure tested.

Order Code


 H   =  Height
        100, 300

 L   =  Length
          1200,+100,..., 5000

 W   =  Width
           315, 450, 585

NW =  Number of water loops
1, 2

Other Options and Accessories

CO = Colou
          SW     White (RAL 9003)
           X       Special colour

WD = Location of pipe connection
S        Front end
          U        On top

CV = Control valve
          N         No
          A1       Adjust. kv value, factory mounted, no actuator
          A3       Adjust. kv value, factory mounted, 24-V actuator
          A5       Adjust. kv value, factory mounted, 230-V actuator
          A7       Constant-flow-mounted, no actuator
          A9       Constant-flow-mounted, 24-V actuator
          A11     Constant-flow-mounted,  230-V actuator

VA = Visual appearance
   A         Square edge

ZT = Tailored product
         N         No
         Y         Yes

Code example

          CPA-100-1200-315-1, CO=SW, WD=S, CV=N, VA=A, ZT=N

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