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Halton TVB – Transfer unit

Larger transfer unit. Different outlook as in Halton TVA.

  • Large free area, minimal pressure drop
  • The detachable front panel allows cleaning of the unit
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  • Transfer unit for partition wall installation
  • Adjustable casing depth adapts to the thickness of the wall
  • Large free area, minimal pressure drop
  • Detachable front panel allows cleaning of the unit
  • Effective sound attenuation; reduced noise propagation between the adjacent rooms
  • No visibility through the transfer unit.

Dimensions and weight

LxH L1 L2
400×150 437 397
500×150 537 497
600×150 637 597
700×150 737 697
800×150 837 797
900×150 937 897
1000×150 1037 997

Weight (kg)

LxH Weight
400×150 2.16
500×150 2.68
600×150 3.22
700×150 3.72
800×150 4.28
900×150 4.72
1000×150 5.20


Part Material Note
Casing (3) Galvanised steel
Front panel (1, 2) Alunimium
Mineral wool Cutting edges protected
Finishing Front panels epoxy-painted,
white (RAL 9003 / 30%)
Special colours available


Air moves to adjoining rooms through the transfer unit due to pressure difference.
The unit attenuates sound and reduces air-borne noise between rooms.
Air flows into the room through a rectangular slot on the front panel.
The transfer unit prevents vision from room to room.


Code description
1, 2     Front panels
3.        Casing

The transfer unit is installed into an opening made in a wall or door.

The dimensions for installation hole are:

Descripyion TVB
Installation hole (L2+5) x 155 mm
 Wall thickness 95… 145 mm


Detach the front panels for cleaning.
Clean the unit using a vacuum cleaner.
Wipe the front panels with a damp cloth instead of immersing into water.


The transfer unit has a sound attenuating casing with two front panels for installation flush to the wall surface.

The transfer unit is manufactured from galvanised steel and aluminium with a white (RAL 9003) colour.
Sound attenuation material is coated mineral wool.

The depth of the casing is adjustable (95 to 145 mm) according to the thickness of the wall.

Order code


W = Width (mm)
400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000

H = Height (mm)

Other options and accessories

CO = Colour
SW    Signal white (RAL 9003)
X        Special colour (RAL xxxx)

ZT  = Tailored product
N      No
Y      Yes (ETO)

Code example

TVB-400-150, CO=SW, ZT=N


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