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Pavyllon Monte-Carlo | Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Monte-Carlo, Monaco (2022)

Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, a restaurant by Yannick Alléno is the legendary Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo’s fine dining restaurant. From the main bar, the open kitchen allows guests to enjoy the display of cooking techniques,  and culinary preparations before their very eyes.

The Hermitage Monte-Carlo Hotel has chosen Halton to provide the kitchen ventilation solution for their Pavyllon Monte-Carlo restaurant.

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First of all, the project itself, to meet the deadlines was a big challenge. Indeed, the restaurant closed on January 3rd to reopen in mid-April. As the entire restaurant had to be created within this very tight schedule, the project had to be carried out quickly.

Then, one of the main goal was to create as little nuisance as possible for the environment. A construction site in the Principality is always a little bit special because of the technicality and the context and environment in which it takes place. This project required particular logistics with night-time lifting, combined with the Grand Prix installation.

Last but not least, safety, technical parameters and organization were a big concern. It was a construction site with many other trades involved and which took place in an occupied area with rooms in operation and a running hotel.

…equipped with the Capture Jet™ and Capture Ray™ technologies.

This custom-designed ventilated ceiling is part of a ventilation system that makes it possible to put the kitchen right in the middle of the restaurant, providing guests with an interactive and immersive dining experience.
This ceiling frees the kitchen from the space. The entire kitchen then potentially benefits from the daylight, in addition to the integrated uniform and direct lighting. The visual comfort and the impression of space are incomparable. All components are designed to guarantee optimal hygiene levels and easy maintenance.

The Capture Jet™ technology enables reducing the exhaust airflow rates by up to 15% compared to traditional Ventilated Ceilings. The energy savings combines with lower sound level. The UV Capture Ray™ technology neutralises the grease released by the cooking appliances. Combined with the KSA cyclonic filters, it reduces the grease build up in the ductwork to a negligible level. It also contributes to odors reductions discharged outside by the ventilation system.

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Built in the early 1900s and overlooking the Mediterranean,
Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo with its architecture from the
belle époque is a modern and luxurious hotel in the heart of Monaco.

At Pavyllon Monte-Carlo, the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant,
Yannick Alléno showcases his creations.

Halton Project Team

Actors involved in the project

Head Chef
Yannick Alleno


Foodservice Consultant
C&C Emmanuel Cantamesa

CR Clim

From the design concept, Halton is prepared to meet with your design team, contractors and tenants to review the system and its capabilities.