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Singapore EXPO – MAX Atria

Singapore (2020)

With a total of 100,000 square metres of column-free indoor and outdoor space available, Singapore EXPO is the venue of choice for MICE activities and events in Singapore.

In addition, launched in 2012 as Singapore EXPO’s convention wing, MAX Atria offers additional meeting space. It is the first MICE ( Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) facility in Singapore to receive the Building & Construction Authority Green Mark Platinum standard for its eco-friendly building design.

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More about the newest Kinetic Kitchen

By launching the newest Kinetic Kitchen, together with K2 dining room, and One 77-Degree café, Singapore Expo & Max Atria roll out a multitude of new and exciting F&B offerings which combine culinary arts with technology.

Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria have chosen Halton solutions for the Kinetic Kitchen. This production kitchen prepares meals for over a thousand guests concurrently.

One of the objectives was to keep the hygiene at the highest level and to reduce the risk of fire hazards. That’s what we achieved among other benefits.

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A good kitchen hygiene routine is crucial to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in a commercial kitchen.

Apart from the daily utensil and equipment maintenance, keeping the kitchen spotless clean can be a challenging task. Different cleaning procedures are required for different parts of the central production in Singapore Expo. Over time, excessive amounts of grease will build up on top and inside the filters and ducting. Just like any other kitchen, a deep cleaning for exhaust filters and ducting should be carried out daily or monthly to keep the hygiene at the highest level and to reduce the risk of fire hazards. These operations are costly, time consuming and have most of the time to be carried out by night.

As part of Singapore Expo project, one of the requirements was to find solutions to this delicate problem.

The Water Wash technology integrated in Halton ventilated ceilings automatically perform the regular cleaning of the filters without the need for staff intervention. It puts an end to the laborious task of manually dismantling / cleaning / reassembling the filters. Staff can then turn their attention to food preparation.

The ventilated ceilings are also equipped with the Capture Ray™ technology. It neutralizes the grease released by the cooking appliances. Combined with the KSA cyclonic filters, it reduces the grease build up in the ductwork to a negligible level. It also contributes to odors reductions discharged outside by the ventilation system.

When combined, these two technologies reduce the maintenance and cleaning costs while mitigating fire hazards and keeping hygiene at the highest level.

Discover this KCW-UC ventilated ceiling equipped with Halton Skyline LED Lighting technology

Halton Connect and Care smart services - Halton Connect IoT (Internet of Things) platform

It is a state-of-the-art IoT (Internet of Things) platform whose foundation is an advanced and easy-to-use cloud-based portal.

It enables 24/7 remote monitoring of the solutions designed by Halton, allowing access to useful information along with powerful data analytics to the end-users. It also provides crucial information to our engineers.

In return, they can remotely and safely control all systems and their settings when required.

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