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Dorint Hotel Würzburg

Würzburg, Germany (2022)

The Dorint Hotel Würzburg is located in the heart of the Franconian wine region and is characterised by its central location.

The Dorint Hotel Würzburg has chosen Halton to provide the kitchen ventilation solution for their restaurant.

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– The modernization of an old building is not always an easy task. There were many sloping walls and floor-to-ceiling columns which required a very clean and precise work to perfectly adjust the ceiling elements.

– Due to the structural specifications, two differences in height  in the passive ceiling were calculated which, however, had no effect on the appearance and function.

– Focus on energy efficiency and hygiene.

Despite of all those challenges, the manufacture and installation of the ventilated ceilings went positively smoothly.

Various options were drawn up together with the kitchen planner in the early planning phases.

This resulted in seven air volume calculations : many different concept proposals, but the KCJ ventilated ceiling with UV Capture Ray™ technology was ultimately manufactured and installed.

Since the focus here was on energy efficiency, the competitors were evaluated and the best possible solution was made available by the Halton Team to the customer. Also, hygiene was a big concern, so the choice was made on HSC ceiling. The HSC high quality suspended metal ceiling complies with the highest demands in terms of hygiene, maintenance and robustness while keeping its impeccable aesthtics and stability over time.

Special attention can be paid to the project duration: only 9 months passed from the first concept to the execution!

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