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Essex Market

Essex Market, New York, USA

Essex Market, located in NYC is a public market made up of many small vendors who pride themselves on focusing and getting to know their customers. The Essex Market mission is to support small businesses that provide the lower east side with fresh, affordable, and high-quality food.

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Essex Market’s origins date back to the 19th century with independent pushcart peddlers who rented their carts by the day and sold everything from potatoes and herring to pickles and hats. Fast forward to today, and Essex Market has moved to a new home at the cornerstone of the Essex Crossing development project. The Essex Market continues to be a public market serving the residents with affordable and specialty foods.

A significant design challenge for the Essex Market location was its proximity to residential properties and the over 20 vendors that provide cooked products. In addition, the vendors were in a mezzanine area below the apartments. The developer’s directive was to ensure the ability to accommodate multiple vendors and minimize duct and infrastructure costs. Also, utilize pollution control systems to mitigate the odors generated during cooking.

Halton’s solution for this challenging application was to install a M.A.R.V.E.L. II system capable of providing demand control (adjusting exhaust flow based on cooking activity) and doing it for each vendor even though they were on the same exhaust system.  Two such systems were designed and installed. One system incorporated 10 hoods and the other 11 hoods. Each of these systems is connected to a PolluStop pollution control exhaust system. High-efficiency Electrostatic Precipitators with Carbon filters are used to treat the grease-laden air before discharge.

The system allows for future tenants to come online or changes in tenants and their exhaust requirements. A simple adjustment to the M.A.R.V.E.L. system’s algorithm can change exhaust rates between vendors up to the capacity of the overall system.

With a fully integrated control system continually monitoring all system components, the developer’s design criteria were met!

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