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Ventilation Fire Safety for Offshore Wind projects

Safety comes first in extreme conditions offshore. Robust products are a must as multi-function might lead up to production halt and expensive replacement work. Halton has a long experience in delivering its fire and gas dampers to protect the offshore substations and vessels operating in demanding conditions.

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Ventilation fire safety on offshore oil and gas
Uncontrolled fire is always a serious safety risk especially in demanding conditions.

Typical challenges in ventilation fire safety on Offshore Substations

Uncontrolled fire is always a serious risk.
In an emergency situation a fire can spread via a ventilation ductwork. Therefore it is essential that the ductwork is equipped with high-quality and robust fire dampers that also prevent smoke from spreading.
Fire dampers should be connected to HVAC automation system where they can also be controlled in emergency situations.

Do you have a challenge that requires a solution?

Consult us! We have a wide range of robust fire dampers that are specifically designed for offshore applications. Our products are manufactured according customers’ requirements.

Why choose Halton

Because smoke and toxic gases can be more dangerous than fire itself, it is important that the fire dampers prevent smoke from spreading. Halton is the top manufacturer of gas-tight fire dampers.

• 200.000+ marine certified fire dampers delivered to the market

• 30 years of experience in manufacturing marine-type fire dampers

• Fire dampers approved by all major classification societies

• A selected products ATEX approved, g-shock and vibration tested

• All dampers for ventilation from one reliable manufacturer

The basic operation principle of Halton fire damper for offshore oil and gas

Watch the video and see the basic operation principle of Halton fire damper for offshore applications. The video demonstrates the fire damper with an electrical actuator. Halton offers a wide range of different types of actuators for its fire dampers.

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